PSY In Singapore - Gangnam Style

PSY Electrifies Singapore with Gangnam Style at Marina Bay Sands

PSY In Singapore - Gangnam Style
PSY In Singapore Gangnam Style

2 December 2012, Singapore – Last night, Korea’s ‘Gangnam Style’ sensation PSY performed to some four thousand fans at Marina Bay Sand’s “Give Back To Singapore” public showcase. The winner of four Mnet Asian Music Awards Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Best Dance Performance and Global Favourite Artist held in Hong Kong the night before was flown in by Marina Bay Sands.

Opening the show were the young talents from O School, a performing arts centre for youth, as they danced to PSY’s Gangnam Style. PSY mentioned the importance for creative minds and was impressed with O School for giving non-academic youths the opportunity to excel in their creative talents. The dancers were also able to meet PSY in person right after the showcase backstage.





At the showcase, PSY performed three songs – Right Now, Champion and Gangnam Style. The crowd went wild when PSY ended the night by performing his final song “Gangnam Style”.

PSY In Singapore

PSY will be returning to Singapore next March after releasing his new album.

PSY at the Press Conference "Get PSYched at Sands" in Singapore 01122012
PSY at the Press Conference Get PSYched at Sands in Art Science Museum

Check out the highlights video as well.

PSY In Singapore

PSY In Singapore

PSY In Singapore

PSY In Singapore


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