Le Noir: Hand Balance on Cane with Irina Naumenko - Media Call 12 March 2013

REVIEW: LE NOIR at Marina Bay Sands


13 March 2013, Singapore – LE NOIR – The Intimate Side of Cirque is a spectacular show that is definitely going to be a hit for circus and non-circus fans out there. From the opening act to the grand finale it will be  nonstop WOW, applause and cold sweat for the performances. No wonder LE NOIR had a SOLD OUT season during their run in Tokyo, Japan.   Under the creative direction of Creative Producer Simon Painter and Executive Producer Tim Lawson, the show has been a hit!

The cast were dressed in stunning & fashionably white, red and black costumes. And with the compliments of the dramatic stage lighting, a chic & artistic visual fiesta is created. Think contemporary dance’s  emotional and elegant moves meets Cirque Du Soleil, the performances were beautifully executed under the beat of soundtracks spinned ‘Live’ by a DJ and the small stage setup created an immersive experience for the audience.


You can expect acts such as Aerial Lira, Rolla Bolla, Hand Balance Roller Skating, Pas De Deux, Aerial Straps, Hand To Hand, Duo Trapeze, Shape Spinner, Mask Juggler, Cyr Wheel with a Comedic Emcee who fills the spaces in between each act.Guests seated in the front rows near the stage may get pulled up onto the stage to take part in games with the emcee that is equivalent to the ringmaster in Cirque du Soleil shows.

Roller Skating – Ursula Naike Nunez Rossi & Leandro Zeferino Micaelo

The round staging has been recreated and extended out from the theatre’s originally staging so that the the audience can sit around the staging and get an almost good view from where ever you are seated.    This stage set up is a first for MasterCard Theatres and is recreated by Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd. However, for some of the acts, you may only get a back view, especially if you are seated on the theatre’s original stage.    Some of the seats in the front few rows have been removed to accommodate the extended staging and seats are replaced to face the stage.  Those seats that are perpendicular to the stage in this area give you a good view to most of the acts except the stage is higher than eye level.  The good thing about the setting is the intimacy and closeness to the performers.

SUPERADRIANME-LE NOIR CIRQUE-Staging in MasterCard Theatres-Singapore
The staging of LE NOIR at the MasterCard Theatres in Marina Bay Sands.

Running for three weeks only, ticket prices start from a very affordable S$35. It is a steal to catch LE NOIR at Marina Bay Sands, MasterCard Theatre. If you like to have a romantic Priceless Experience for LE NOIR, check out MasterCard Priceless Singapore packages  here.

Le Noir at Marina Bay Sands


Duo Trapeze Look out for the flexible twins from Ukraine Ruslana and Taisiia Baazaii
Le Noir: Hand Balance on Cane with Irina Naumenko - Media Call 12 March 2013
Le Noir: Hand Balance on Cane with Irina Naumenko



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