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Review: The Illusionist – Witness The Impossible At Marina Bay Sands


17 February 2012, Singapore – A handpicked cast of six international illusionists are in Singapore to present some of their best individual acts with some 20 plus magical assistants.

Looking like the cast from the movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Illusionist will appeal to all lovers of magic and illusion. Fans of both prop magic and sleight-of-hand (now you see it, now you don’t) will surely enjoy this evening of entertainment.

The Escapologist (Andrew Baso), The Trixkster (Michael Halvarson), The Manipulator (James Dimmare), The Mentalist (Philip Escoffey), The Anti-Conjuror(Dan Sperry) and The Grand Illusionist (Brett Daniels) will leave you mind boggled and spellbounded. I found myself constantly asking “how did he do that?” and probably a little too much time wondering what went behind creating those elaborate illusions.

The water torture cell in plain sight, conjuring the unexpected from body parts and the good old escape artiste act. Cynics will find themselves having a hard time scoffing or trying to figure out how they did it. My advice is to sit back and relax while you enjoy this truly magical extravaganza.

Hang on to your seats as The Illusionist mesmerize you on this death defying and breathtaking ride of amazement, magic and illusion. Get ready to witness the impossible.

The season of The Illusionists – Witness the Impossible runs from today to 4 March 2012 at Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands.
Tickets available from $45-175




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  3. you have to find 7 good women magicians

  4. Why can’t they get a women to do that instead?!

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