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The Invaders Scare Zone at New York Street

The Invaders Scare Zone at New York Street in Halloween Horror Nights 5

It’s what we have been waiting for. USS’ Halloween Horror Nights are back for the fifth year running, taking visitors on an exhilarating adventure for 14 fright nights over five weekends from 2 October 2015.

And once again, Team SUPERADRIANEME is back – with a fresh face to their team of Fear Explorers, giving you all a heads-up on different fear benchmarks – The Brave, The Photographer and The Chic.

Halloween Horror Nights 5 - A visit to the Hell House will spook you out.

A visit to the Hell House will spook you out.

The Brave

This year’s Halloween Horror Night feels tame with the local themed horror. While partnering with Russel Lee is a brilliant idea, the scares did not match up to the previous years. However, the sets were realistic and they made sure the various houses smells like how it was suppose to be. While the scares may be tamer, the experience this year was definitely more immersive than the previous.
Skulls at Halloween Horror Night 5

Skulls at Halloween Horror Night 5

The Photographer

The scare scenes does not match up to the first three years of Halloween Horror Nights here in Universal Studios Singapore. The costumes and set up were still great but I am not sure if a localised theme works for me because it is a Universal Studios production and I would expect a more international theme. Perhaps the heavy downpour prior to the media preview dampened everyone’s spirits.

Pay a visit to the very realistic HDB dwelling at SG Blk 50.

Pay a visit to the very realistic HDB dwelling at SG Blk 50.

The Chic

Remember all that talk about creepy spots in Singapore back in school as we flipped volumes of Russell Lee’s True Stories series? I got to live it that night. The True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT brought to reality the nightmares that plagued my childhood. To further fuel my nightmares, the Siloso Gateway Block 50 took me to an apocalyptic Singapore ravaged by flesh eating zombies. It was a Walking Dead experience, as we paced ourselves through the different houses feeling the reality of the horror. Rather than the theatrics of the jump scares, it was the cultural connection that got to me.

Just remember to skip the skirts, the heels (unless you are aiming for a Marilyn Monroe moment) and keep things waterproof – eyeliner, mascara and everything else. Go for a casual romper, a chiffon top with a pair of culottes, or go for the sports luxe look with a pair of adidas’ newest. Just because you are going to be scared (and get a little wet) it doesn’t mean you can’t look good at the same time.


At The Invaders Scare Zone.

At The Invaders Scare Zone.

The Verdict

This year is all about Singapore. It revisits our childhood nightmares in places we find all so familiar, from the neighborhood playground to the MRT cabins we ride everyday. The details of the props, masks, and environment was done to a tee, promising a real, immersive experience. The scare tactics may have feel short during our preview, but, here’s hoping that the scare actors are now all warmed up and ready to go when the festivities go into full force.

Whether your are timid or brave, as long as you have good company, you will enjoy every moment of it. But in order not to disappoint your trip by waiting in the SUPER LONG QUEUES, the extra S$40 for the EXPRESS PASS is worth it and you will feel like a king when you can cut the queue by using the express lanes. We did not include in depth descriptions of our experience on each individual zones and haunted house as we did not want to spoil the surprise element and you should try it out yourselves and not hear it from us.

Check out our previous post for more details on the attractions and ticket pricing.


The Invaders Scare Zone at New York StreetA visit to the Hell House will spook you out.Paper Effigies  when you visit HellSkulls at Halloween Horror Night 5Pay a visit to the very realistic HDB dwelling at SG Blk 50.At The Invaders Scare Zone.

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