Show Me the Love and have a Crazy Christmas – Commemorating World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is commemorated every year on 1 December to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.  People all over the world come together to show solidarity for people living with HIV, to raise awareness and improve education towards HIV/AIDS and to encourage people to adopt positive attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS.

You may have also come across the Red Ribbon, an international symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness.  Do wear it to show your care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and the families and friends who are affected, and to also hope that a vaccine and cure can be found to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS

In Singapore, Health Promotion Board has supported two events in support of World AIDS Day.

HIV – Show Me the Love

HIV - Show Me The Love

Together with Chan Hampe Galleries, a HIV-themed art exhibition called ‘HIV – Show Me The Love’ displays the artworks of local artists that focus on the importance of awareness and open communication with love ones in order to protect themselves and their partners from HIV and to demonstrate solidarity for those living with HIV.

This free exhibition aims to start people thinking about safer sex within the contexts of the relationships, but to also have a more profound understanding on how they communicate and translate their love and respect into responsible action with their loved ones.   The exhibition also hopes that, after viewing the artworks, people start assessing their risk of contracting HIV more accurately and also start adopting positive attitudes towards those living with HIV/AIDS.

The art will focus on the importance of self-awareness, personal responsibility and open communication towards loved ones. You can make a difference by protecting yourself and your loved ones from the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

HIV – Show Me The Love features new work from Casey Chen, Sheryo Ang, Skope William Sim, Kevin Atmadibrata, Samuel Woo, Rachel Lim, Marla Bendini, Ezzam Rahman, SeanK, Aiman Hakim and Oh Ji Ji.

Chan Hampe Galleries @ Tanjong Pagar is located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #04-02, Singapore 088444.  Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily except Wednesdays and public holidays.  This exhibition runs till 24th December.

Crazy Christmas

Crazy Christmas 2010

Another collaboration with Dream Academy to drive awareness surrounding HIV and promote a healthy sexual lifestyle is the musical ‘Crazy Christmas’ which runs till 19th December 2010 at the Drama Centre Theatre.  I got the chance to experience personally and had a very good time humming along to familiar Christmas Carols.

This quirky Christmas show with the cheeky renditions of popular tunes and hilarious stand-up routines packed with local flavour, returns. And fans of Drag Queen Diva, Kumar, were in for a treat!  Kumar made a special appearance in 4 ‘Adults Only, No-Holds-Barred’ Crazy Christmas 2010 shows.   The star-studded cast includes Selena Tan, Sam Kan, John Lee, Denise Tan, Timothy Huang, Hazrul Nizam, Karen Tan, George Chan, Michaela Therese, Hossan Leong, Gerald Tan, Simone Khoo, Sebastian Tan, Pam Oei, Robin Goh and RJ Rosales.

Creative Team

Creator:  Selena Tan
Director: Hossan Leong
Script Writer & Consultant:  Benjamin ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Lee
Musical Director and Band Leader: Joel Nah
Choreographer: Ryan Tan
Set Designer:  Priscil Poh
Lighting Designer and Technical Manager: Teo Kuang Han
Sound Designer and Engineer:  Shah Tahi
Hair Designer and Stylist: Ashley Lim
Make Up Artists: Bobbie Ng, Low Jyue Huey, Joanna Ang and Eileen Tang

Ticket prices range from $29 to $69.  If you want to bring the kids, there’s always the Family-Friendly version of Crazy Christmas 2010 – no Kumar, but still lots of cheeky, heartwarming fun for the entire clan! Hossan Leong performs from 2 – 11 Dec.  Sebastian Tan performs from 12 – 19 Dec.

Some of the artwork from the HIV – Show Me The Love is exhibited at Drama Centre till 19 December.

Click here to purchase tickets.

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