Baby T-Rex spotted in Singapore!!!!

15 June 2010 – Earlier this morning, I attended the WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular Press Conference this morning when a life-sized Baby T-Rex, standing at 2.13m tall and 5m long escaped.  This same Baby T-Rex was spotted previously in other countries too.


With a penchant for city life and shopping, the Baby T-Rex was last spotted roaming down Nicoll Highway towards the direction of the city! Although it looks menacing, the Baby T-Rex is highly-sociable and totally harmless.  This is part of a publicity stunt for the spectacular theatrical show, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular, coming to Singapore from 1st – 12th December at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Baby T-Rex runs wild in Press Conference in Singapore
Hey, the baby T-Rex is just like a kid. One minute agitated, next minute loves to be played with.
Baby T-Rex upset that kid doesn't want to play!

The Baby T-Rex will make a special appearance outside The Heeren, Orchard Road on Tuesday, 15 June, from 12.30pm  12.45pm.   This is the rare chance that you will be able to have an up-close and personal look at the Baby T-Rex that is so realistic as it moves, behaves and even roars like the real thing! This Baby T-Rex is one of 20 life-sized dinosaurs that audiences will get see when the show hits our shores.

Costing the organiser and promoter, AEG ThemeStar, S$3-million to bring this mega-production to Singapore, this is part of inaugural Asian tour of WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular, will travel to 18 Asian cities including Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, South Korea, amongst others.

Targeted at audience from 8 – 80 years old, this breath-taking show is based on the award-winning BBC Television Series. Originated in Australia, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular is already seen by 5.2 million people worldwide since the show opened in 2007 in Sydney and then travelled all over Asutralia, Europe and the USA. The show depicts the dinosaurs‚ evolution, complete with the climatic and tectonic changes that took place, which led to the demise of many species.

With almost cinematic realism, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular has scenes of the interactions between dinosaurs, and the audience sees how carnivorous dinosaurs evolved to walk on two legs, and how the herbivores fended off their more agile predators.



In January this year, Pollstar named WALKING WITH DINOSAURS The Arena Spectacular No. 4 in the top 100 worldwide tours of 2009 after rock concerts of U2, AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Come and experience the candid moments of the lunch-time executives and kids being caught unaware as the towering 2.13m tall and 5m long Baby T-Rex appears right in front of them in the heart of Orchard Road!

Date:                Tues, 15 June 2010

Time:               12.30pm – 12.45pm

Venue:             Outside The Heeren, Orchard Road

M1 will be offering exclusive benefits to its customers. M1 customers are entitled to priority booking starting from today till 19 June as well as a 15% discount on tickets from now till 9 August. They simply need to flash the M1 logo on their mobile phone or their latest bill at SISTIC counters to enjoy the discount. Furthermore, M1 customers can look forward to Walking with Dinosaurs themed wallpapers and ringtones which will be launched soon and made available for download.

Public sales start from 20 June 2010.

Ticket prices

Peak: Fri, Sat, Sun – $48, $78, $108 and $148

Off-Peak: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu – $38, $68, $98, $138


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