CAVALIA Theatrical Production Makes Asian Debut 12 August

Cavalia - The Travelers 6 / Les voyageurs 6 | Credits: François Bergeron
The Travelers 6 Les voyageurs 6 | Credits François Bergeron

CAVALIA, a creation by one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil,  Normand Latourelle will make its Asian debut tour with the premiere season under its signature White Theatre Tent at Bayfront Avenue next to Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore on 12 August 2014.

Cavalia - The Travelers 6 / Les voyageurs 6 | Credits: François Bergeron

The grand scale multi-media and multi-disciplinary theatrical production will feature 50 horses and 43 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from around the world.  The show is a harmonious celebration of beauty and nature, encompassing imagery that whisks the spectator’s imagination around the earth over land and sea by displaying a vast array of equestrian and performing arts. The show comes to Asia during the auspicious year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac.


It has been enjoyed by over four million spectators across the world including celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Antonio Banderas, Courtney Cox, Daryl Hannah, Demi Moore, Dr Dre, Wayne Newton, Nancy Reagan, Prince Philippe and Prince Laurent of Belgium, Princess Cristina of Spain, Queen Béatrix of the Netherlands and many more.

Cavalia offers a constantly changing digtal background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen. The 50 metre wide stage allows the horses to gallop at full speed, and at times run freely. Housed under a white 2,400 square metre big top, rising some 35 metres high, Cavalia’s White Theatre Tent is the largest touring tent in the world.


Tickets are priced from S$58 to S$188+ service and fees and  go on sale today from or by calling +6531586735. There is also a Horse Lovers Package that lets you tour Cavalia’s stables after the show as well as a VIP Rendez-Vous Package that includes a post show tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception and more from S$208 to S$288.



Interesting Cavalia Facts and Figures


The Artists

  • The 37 men and women are from Canada, France, Belgium, United States, Morocco, Australia, Moldavia Spain and Italy with an average age of 25
  • There are also five musicians – Guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and cello and a singer and they have to react to the changes in the show due to the unpredictability of the horses
  • Lyrics of the songs in Cavalia are in French and Spanish
  • The band leader gives more than 300 music cues to his band

The Horses

  • The 50 horses represent 11 different breeds. The breeds include Pure Spanish Breed, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Paint Horse, Percheron, Australian Stock Horse, Lusitano, Miniature Horse, Comtois, Criollo and Warmblood
  • The horses are from France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, United States, Australia and Netherlands
  • Every year, the horses consumer 17,500 bales of hay, 16,550kg of grain and 795 kg of carrots
  • Stables take up 1,530 square metres
  • Five spacious showers are installed in the stables to groom the horses
  • The smallest horse is 8 hands tall and his name is Troubadour. Troubadour is a 15 year-old miniature stallion
  • The tallest equine star is 18 hands tall and his name is Merlin. Merlin is a six year-old Percheron

Touring and Travelling

  • 120 employees tour on a permanent basis
  • 100 are hired locally in each city visited
  • 100 trucks are used to move the material with transport done over land, sea or air
  • More than 200 flights per city are booked for the staff
  • In most cities, the cast and crew stay in the same spacious fully-furnished apartment complex
  • Executive chef cooks an average of 320 meals a day for lunch and dinner

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