Singapore’s First Crayfish Party on 7 September 2019 at Gillman Barracks #SGCP2019

Attend Singapore’s first-ever Crayfish Party at the Gillman Barracks on 7 September 2019. Organised by Pro Hospitality who are the folks behind Fung Kee Hot Dogs, the festival will feature a night of feasting of crayfish boiled in dill brine as well as Swedish spirits such as Hven, an organic Aquavit and festival staples of beer and gin & tonic.

The Swedes feast on crayfish in the last month of summer since a century ago. Often held outdoors under the moonlight with big paper lanterns and festive coloured lights, ‘Kräftskiva’ is a feast with music and everyone raising glasses of aquavit while singing traditional Swedish drinking songs.

Advance purchase of tickets at S$80 per adult comes with buffet and 500g of crayfish. Or you can buy them at the door at S$95. Children above three years old pay S$50 for buffet, kids crayfish and ice cream. Children under three years old enjoy free entry. VIP tickets for a table of eight people with table spread and service are available with advanced booking at S$1,000. Entry after 9 pm will cost S$40.

Buffet spread that comes with your ticket purchase includes breads, cheeses, salads, potato salad and pies.

Soft drinks are priced at S$5 and you can also enjoy Aquavit, Beer, Wine or Gin Tonic will cost S$10. Swedish meatballs are available at S$10 and 500grms Crayfish at S$20.

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