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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – In Conversation With Ong Eng Teck (ET)

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - ET Interacting with his fans
ET Interacting with his fans

9 September 2012, Singapore – 24 year old part time performer at Music and Drama Company and part time tutor Ong Eng Teck aspires to be Singapore’s next singing sensation.  The ambitious lad was recently eliminated in reality tv show Sunsilk Academy Fantasia aired on StarHub Cable channel 110.  Known affectionately as ET, Eng Teck has been in the competition as one of the top five but was eliminated leaving behind Hui Xian, Zhang Chi and Irwin.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Ong Eng Teck (ET)

In an email interview with ET, we checked with him about life after leaving the Academy.

Q.  How is life after the academy?

ET: It wasn’t as difficult to adjust as first thought. I have been meeting up with friends, supporters and fans to thank them personally on the tremendous support and energy they have given me through-out the entire competition. I have been back to work in Music Drama Company, and to coaching my students who are currently on important exams this year.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Ong Eng Teck (ET)

Q.  Did any fans come up to you or ask for your autograph or take photos with you?

ET: I met up with a couple of fans and did some autographs.  Was at 313 Somerset the other day and someone recognized me as well, but did not ask for photos or autographs.


Q.  What’s your plan after the academy? Do you want to continue and pursue a singing career?

ET: My greatest dream is to have my own concert and album, if possible. I know that this competition has opened a huge number of doors and connected me to renowned people in the industry, thus I hope to have better progress from there.


Q.  If you still want to pursue a singing career, what will you do to boost your self confidence, so that you can take on the big stage.

ET: Take on the important advice that the judges and teachers have provided me throughout this entire incredible journey. These advices have already helped me a great deal during some of the competitions!


Q:  Have any record companies offered you a contract? Will you want to take up the offer?

ET: Not yet, but I DEFINITELY WANT TO TAKE UP SUCH A DEAL.  My dream is to have an album of my own and to have a concert where people come specially just to watch and enjoy my music.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Ong Eng Teck (ET)

Q.  How do you feel about being in the top spot with the highest score in the previous week and getting eliminated the following week?  And is there any reason you think that may have caused this to happen?

ET: Top spot – Honored and it was a bonus for me because I was almost eliminated the week before due to weak votes.

Getting Eliminated – I know that my time has come when my songs did not sit well with the judges. I know I have done my best because many have come up to me telling me how they loved my last 2 songs.  Singing is always subjective and judges probably did not feel that I have met their expectations at that particular instant. I take it and accept all the criticisms with pride because I know that I have far exceeded my own expectations in this entire journey.

At the very least, I was especially happy that the other 4 contestants voted me to be part of the top 3 finalists.


Q.  Did you view the live telecast of Academy Fantasia after leaving the Academy?

ET: I did not have much chances to view the live telecast. However, I did manage to catch some glimpses and snippets of it and see my good friend Irwin in it!  Happy that he is doing great and as usual, giving the audience such a positive energy with that genuine smile of his! 🙂


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - ET
Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – ET

Q.   Who do you think will win the competition, why?

ET: Huixian! She has the strongest vocals among the 3 finalists.  Wait, not just among the 3 finalists, she has the strongest vocals among the entire 14 contestants.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Irwin and ET
(L to R) Irwin and ET

Q.  Who do you support and why?

ET: I want Irwin to win not just because he is my good friend, but because he is multi-talented and has worked his way up all these while and even before he joined the competition. He deserves this platform more than anyone of us.


Q.  Have you read any online comments about you? How do you feel about those comments?

ET: I came into this competition wanting people to know who I really am, and to be recognized for my voice. I am sincerely and truly happy that I have attained both.   Most online comments were more than positive and I could be more happy about it.


Q. Any tips & tricks for contestants in the next season, should there be one?

ET:  Stay out of gossips, back-stabbing episodes, be yourself, do your best, strive to be vocally strong and do not have to fight for more air time.  Leave the rest to fate and strong beliefs and you will stay til the very end.


Q.  Were you ever stressed out through the competition because you are one of the breadwinners for your family? How do you cope with that?

ET:  Not at all because my family has been super supportive. I have also saved up enough to keep my family going if ever they are in need of money.  Moreover, my parents and aunty are also currently still working.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - On Eng Teck (ET)


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  5. Hi,

    While driving, I listen to 93:3, I realize that E T voice sounds so much better than some of the singers who songs were play over the radio.

    It is more faith or timing ! Opportunity is such that—- will record company miss notice the talent of E T ! Who is effective bilingual, loving,sensible, mature young man— a role model for our youth today.


    • A role model with a good voice. What more do we need in this generation of ours where we are bombarded by information – the good and the bad, which shapes the future generation – the youths to be who they become in the future. I believe that singers, or other public figures, have a responsibility. Not to just sing and show the world out there how famous they are, how many fans they have, how awesome their singing is, but to inspire people, and hold the responsibility to shape the people using this precious power of influence these public figures hold.

      Quoting from a taiwanese singer-songwriter 張懸,


      Basically 張懸 is hoping that she can make use of the respect the public has of singer-songwriters (her power of influence), to convey her intended message – that youths have the power to create change – to the youths out there.

      Although 張懸 is referring to the apathetic state of youths today, her quote showed me that singers have the power to influence, and that singers have the responsibility to influence in a good way. Being a singer is not just being out there to sing and bask in their self-glory. Singers, are also representations of society being public figures, and hence have the responsibility to make use of their power of influence in a good manner.ET has the chops, he can sing, he can dance, he has the looks, the charisma, the stage presence etc etc. But most importantly, he has the right values and attitude to push him through, and also, these values and attitudes he uphold will serve to influence the youths in a positive manner, something that is very valuable and precious in today’s society.

      ET is a great singer. What sets him apart, is how he is a role model for our youths today, a role model to inspire.

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