The Analog Assembly Returns To The Projector

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The Analog Assembly returns to The Projector this 20 February 2016 (Photo Credits:

The Analog Assembly returns to The Projector this 20 February 2016 (Photo Credits:

Vinyl lovers take note! The Analog Assembly is back. Held at The Projector on 20 February 2016, this audiophile pop-up event will feature performances by Seah Lam of Hanging Up The Moon and DJ KoFlow.

The second installment takes pride in both quantity and quality. Hundreds of used and new vinyl records will be up for sale or exchange by established record dealers and fellow collectors. Expect For The Record, Straits Records, Vinylicious Records (what a name!) to appear alongside local labels such as Kitchen Label, Ujikaji Records and 41B Records. It promises to be quite a turnout.

Hanging Up The Moon – The Divers MV

The festivities began at 2PM, with Seah Lam of Hanging Up The Moon taking over the stripped down acoustic set at 5.30PM. Having played sold-out shows at The Esplanade and The Substation, fans and newcomers will be in for a treat. And, if they really do tickle your fancy, you can take home signature acoustic folk-tunes in the form of their critically acclaimed albums; “The Biggest Lie In The World” and “Immaterial”.

DJ Koflow and Dharni performs Rolling In The Swing




DJ KoFlow takes over the all-vinyl hip-hop set at the outdoor bar, The Great Escape (5th floor carpark) from 6.30PM. This is the time to grab a beer, cocktails and a couple of friends to watch this Singapore DMC turntablist champion work his skills on Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Blacked Eyed Peas and so much more.

The Analog Assembly will be held at The Projector, Level 5, Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore. It will start from 2PM to 8PM on 20 February 2016. Admission is Free. 

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