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Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia Concert Visual

19 July 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Tickets for the one night only RM4 million production show, BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia concert to be held on 27 October 2012 at Stadium Merdeka will be on sale 28 July 2012.

Counter Bookings:  Eight counters at farenheit88 will be selling these tickets from 10.30am to 6pm on 28 July 2012 to cope with the high demand for tickets.   If you can enter the ticketing queue between 10.30am to 6pm at farenheit88,  you would be guaranteed a ticket to the concert.

VIP tickets (RM688) and 300 priority premiere rock pit tickets (RM 588) will be available only at farenheit88.   The 300 priority premiere rock tickets is made up of 150 premiere rock pit A tickets and 150 premiere rock pit B tickets, the only priority tickets to the premiere rock pits.  They give you entry to the rock pits before everyone else on concert day, so that you don’t have to queue early to get the best views.

Online & Hotline Bookings : from 12pm on 28 July 2012.

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia seatmap RITSmy
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Get your tickets to catch the five K-pop heroes G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung as they perform in their very first concert in Malaysia.  BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia will also be the first outdoor concert across Asia.

Tickets are available at RM 688, RM 588, RM 488, RM 388, RM 288, RM 198, RM 188 and RM98 with only 12,000 tickets available.


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