Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 4

Get your money’s worth at [email protected] with Tring313 App

Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 4
Tring313 app for deals at [email protected]

Singaporeans are a tech-savvy bunch. Our eyes are glued to our smartphones for more than just refreshing Facebook or Instagram feeds, it is also out to find the latest deals. There’s Entertainer, SUGAR, and now, Tring 313 just for [email protected].

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory Singapore
Is Finger Thong part of the Chimaek culture?
Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 1
O’Ma Spoon carries Injeolmi Toast on top of their Bingsus

Available free for both iOS and Android devices, a quick sign up gives you access to deals of up to 50% off Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, Ben & Jerry’s and, even, fashion retailer Forever21.

Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 1
Pie Face features adorable pies in various flavours, including Creamy Mushroom and Thai Green Curry
Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 1
Chatbuton serves upramen in 15-hour Tonkotsu broth and side dishes

It’ quick and simple. Once you see a deal you like, purchase the coupon (PayPal or Credit Card) and present your mobile device at the retailer. They will key in a code for the redemption, and before you know it, you are enjoying a scrumptious plate of Korean fried chicken at a discounted price.

Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 1
Portuguese Bakery Dinata at B3 of [email protected] carries a range of pastries and breads. Their bestsellers include Portuguese Egg Tarts and Cornucopias

It might just be the time to try out some of [email protected]’s new tenants. Sweet-tooth can satisfy their cravings at Hvala Waffle Bar for some waffles and soft serve ice cream, O’Ma Spoon for Bingsus or Portuguese Bakery Dinata for Portuguese Egg Tarts or some giant Pineapple Cornucopias. Those wanting something savoury in the mix can also try Dinata’s Chicken Leg. Known originally as Coxinha de Frango, this popular food in Brazil consists of shredded chicken meat covered in dough and fried into a shape resembling a chicken leg.

Tring313 app for 313@Somerset 1
Soup Stock Tokyo has a 2 for 2 Buddy Curry and Soup Set available in both white and Japanese brown rice

[email protected] has tons of deals aside from just using the app. Soup Stock Tokyo is having a “2 for 2” Buddy Curry and Soup set. Customers will get two choices of Curry & Rice, drinks and small soups. Go for the beefy Tokyo Borsch or healthy Chicken Vegetable in Konbu seaweed stock. The mall is also running a rewarding #WEALWAYSSHARE event. Prizes include winning S$100 313 Vouchers to FANTASTIC FOUR exclusive premium or movie passes in a Lucky Dip.

Check out the [email protected] website for more information.

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