CASIO Nighttime Drive EDIFICE Series: A Must-Have for Nocturnal Adventurers with Double LED Light, Hand Shift Feature, and Mineral Glass Watch Face

CASIO unveils its Nighttime Drive EDIFICE collection, showcasing two watches with dual-tone gradients that capture distinct vibes. The first is a blend of blue and yellow, reminiscent of the serene illumination from headlights and streetlights during nocturnal drives. The second watch combines blue and silver hues, reflecting the essence of cruising through urban avenues bathed in moonlight.

There are three variations: ECB-2000NP-1A (S$379), ECB-40NP-1 (S$289), and EQS-940NL-1AV (S$349) and are available at selected G-SHOCK stores and online. Each has unique features to cater to various preferences and lifestyles.

Each time piece is equipped with a double LED light system. It illuminates both watch face and digital display, enhancing visibility in low-light. You can check the time even under dimly lit environments. The hand shift feature lets users temporarily adjust the watch hand position, transitioning between analogue and digital mode. With a simple touch of the button, the analogue watch hands can easily return to their original positions. The mineral glass watch face offers long lasting durability and resilience against scratches and impacts. Solar Charging is available on ECB 2000NP and EQS 940NL


Smartphone pairing via Bluetooth is a feature on ECB-2000NP and ECB-40NP that automatically corrects the time and makes it easy to configure various functions from the app. In addition the watch’s 200-lap memory for the stopwatch timer, it allows data transfer to the app.

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