DM's Lite Rigal 8-Eye Boot in Tan (left) and Black (right) (S$239 each).

Say Hello To Dr. Martens’ Next Revolution: DM’S Lite

DM's Lite Newton 8-Eye Boots in Cherry Red.
DMs Lite Newton 8 Eye Boots in Cherry Red S$219

Lo and behold. Dr. Martens is turning heads with their newest, and I daresay, most evolutionary concept since the brand first began; the ultra-lightweight DM’s Lite.

DM's Lite Edison Kiltie Tassle Loafer in Cherry Red (S$209).
DMs Lite Edison Kiltie Tassle Loafer in Cherry Red S$209

Yes, I know. Dr. Martens and lightweight don’t go together. At least, until now.

Using a soft yet light Phylon midsole, they have upped the comfort and durability of our favourite leather kicks. The all-time favourite Newton 8-Eye Boot, Cavendish 3-Eye show and Edison Tassel Loafers have all been revamped with this feathery-light midsole and a SoftWair memory foam insole.

DM's Lite Rigal 8-Eye Boot in Tan (left) and Black (right) (S$239 each).
DMs Lite Rigal 8 Eye Boot in Tan left and Black right S$239 each

They are currently available in Black or Cherry Red Temperley leather – you know, the basic bad-ass colours – alongside a casual, sporty Rigal 8-Eye boots.

DM's Lite Cavendish 3-Eye Shoe in Black (S$209).
DMs Lite Cavendish 3 Eye Shoe in Black S$209

Know me, and you’d know I love my bad-ass Dr. Martens 8 Eye boots. Whether it be work or when I want to jack up my outfits, it has always been there – Green, Black, Red and more (I might have a hoarding issue). Alas, it’s no surprise to anyone that it’s heavy. They’re great for walking, but they aren’t great for lugging around if you’re planning an outfit change on an overseas trip. So, DM’s Lite? A big, capital Y-E-S. I can’t wait to see what other shades they’re gonna launch, and I am crossing my fingers for some sexy metallics.

DM’s Lite are available at all Dr. Martens Flagship store & Bratpack @ Mandarin Gallery

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