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Goldheart Jewelry - Giovanne Pendant 1998ZD from S$1,402 |

Giovanne Pendant 1998ZD from S$1,402


13 April 2011, Singapore – Men of today are becoming more metrosexual and open to accessorizing.  Gone are the days of buying and wearing jewellery belonging to the women’s domain.  Jewellery are also no longer for ceremonial purposes.    Accompanying expensive timepieces on the modern man these days also include other accessories such as rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and also cufflinks for the working professional.

Goldheart introduces new designs from the Giovanné Men’s Collection.   The collection is a motley of natural and man made materials such as Carbon fiber, black industrial rubber, leather, onyx, epoxy, white diamond, black diamond, titanium, surgical stainless steel, rose gold or white gold.

“The Modern Man pays infinite attention to what he wears because it projects his status, taste & sophistication. A sharp-looking tailored shirt with tie and pants or a smart casual ensemble with preppy loafers is not enough anymore. An outfit should be punctuated with finely-crafted, distinctive accessories that hint at class and sartorial savvy, yet never ostentation”, opined Mr Gary Goh, Brand Manager, Goldheart Jewelry.

“Goldheart’s Giovanné Collection is symphony of simple and versatile styles that bestow immaculate finishing touches to his outfits, whether it is for business meetings or social gatherings. Our wide collection of accessories will definitely appeal to our target market of male professional ages 25 to 40, who take a keen interest in their personal style and grooming”, beamed Mr Goh.


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