Lewis Hamilton red shoe Singapore Grand Prix 2016

Lewis Hamilton: A Shoe-In

Lewis Hamilton and his red shoe

I have been chasing Lewis Hamilton for years, well no wonder the speed fiend’s so elusive. Those red shoes. You’ll not catch up, with Formula 1’s numero uno. “They’re Balenciagas,” he told me matter-of-factly. Probably customised to boot.

The race car driver (well he is that) appeared in a flash in Marina Bay Sands, in IWC Schaffhausen, thanks to his trio of sponsors – Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One, Hugo Boss, IWC Schaffhausen. First in the public arena so his legion of rabid fans could crowd his space. Then in the confines of the watch shop, where bosses (Hugo & others) and preferred customers could monopolise his fit figure for a close-up shot & autograph (anyone out there want?).

After all these years, I pumped his grip, Hi Lewis, and he said, Hi sweetie. And he was off, up the escalator, to a private dinner.
(Before I could say, actually I’m a fan of Alonso…)

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