DYSON SUPERSONIC NURAL available in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Japan (Dyson photo)

Introducing Dyson’s Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer: Healthier Scalp and Hair, Minimize Heat Damage

James Dyson unveils the Supersonic Nural hair dryer. Their most intelligent hair dryer comes with new sensor technology that is equipped with a new Scalp protect mode using Nural sensors to automatically reduce heat as it nears your head. This helps protect your scalp from damage. New and improved attachments cater to all hair types and are equipped with attachment recognition, learning a user’s styling preferences and simplifying their routine for fast healthy drying with no extreme heat.

In the Scalp Protect mode, heat is automatically reduced to 55°C, the optimum temperature for scalp comfort and drying speed, as the hair dryer gets closer to hair and scalp. Flight sensors project an invisible infrared beam to measure the distance between the machine and your hair. Also, depending on the distance between the hair dryer and the head, the LED light colour will automatically change from yellow (low heat) to orange (medium heat) and red (high heat).

The motion-sensing accelerometer in the Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer automatically deactivates the heater, decreasing airflow and noise when in between styling passes.

The Supersonic Nural hair dryer comes in Ceramic Patina and Topaz or the Vinca Blue and Topaz colour palettes and is not yet available in Singapore. Sign up to be alerted when it is available.

New Attachments for the Dyson Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer

Gentle Air AttachmentStyling ConcentratorSmoothing NozzleDiffuserFlyaway Smoother
Evenly dispenses airflow for fast yet gentle styling.

Recommended settings are the same as the bare attachement.
Wider and thinner for precision styling.Reduces frizz for a smooth, natural look.Improved diffusion for defined curls and waves.

Not equipped with Scalp Protect Mode.
Smooth and hide flyaways using the Coanda effect.

Not equipped with Scalp Protect Mode.

“If you’re able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair. Our new Supersonic Nural has a time of flight sensor which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair. Innovation only comes from investing in research and development. Our obsession to truly understand the root of the problem continues, as we build up some of the most sophisticated hair laboratories in the world.”

James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer.

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