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1 November 2010, Singapore – Spain Tourism Institute (Turespaña) and Mango, a 100% Spain-inspired fashion house, have teamed up together for a joint promotion campaign in Asia to allow consumers to immediately recognize Mango as a Spanish brand and to promote Spain as a choice tourist destination. The campaign sets to reach more than 700,000 potential customers.

You can take part in this promotion throughout the month of November (1st – 30th November) in selected Mango stores in Singapore at Isetan Scotts Road and Takashimaya. The promotion is also being carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi and Manila.

You can also get a limited edition Mango-I Need Spain t-shirt and a special booklet on Spain with every $80 worth of Mango merchandise purchased. You will also stand a chance to win a 7-day trip to Barcelona with €200 worth of Mango vouchers. 10 second-prize winners will receive Mango vouchers worth S$200.

Enrique Ruiz de Lera, Marketing Director at Turespaña, considers it as an alliance that matches perfectly with Spain positioning strategy in the Asian market and that both brands have their distinctive global characters but still share the Spanish lifestyle as a main attribute, which is reflected in the campaign’s slogan.

Ninona Vila, Corporate PR manager for Mango, has valued very positively this initiative to promote Spain with Turespaña. According to her “Even if Mango is a fashion brand with great international presence our business is deeply rooted in Spain, and this fact leaves its footprint in our brand value”.

Photo credit: Frog & Princess Blog

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