Todd Anthony Tyler - Photo

Todd Anthony Tyler – Asia’s Next Top Model Resident Photographer Talks About Asian Models

Todd Anthony Tyler - Photo


7 November 2012, Singapore – Canadian-born photographer Todd Anthony Tyler, resident photographer and judge of the inaugural Asia’s Next Top Model shared with us his views of the Asian model. The show is scheduled to air 25 November 2012.   Todd’s work has appeared in many fashion magazines including Vogue China, Elle China, Harper’s Bazaar China, GQ, L’Officiel, Tank, Zink, Asia Photograpy and Prestige Magazine.   Tod has operated a studio in Shanghai China for over a decade.  Todd used to model full time from Japan to Milan before pursuing his lifelong love for photography.

Todd is known for transforming models into icons, capturing the rising star of Asia’s freshest faces including Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun and Kiki Kang.

Todd Anthony Tyler Asias Next Top Model Resident Photographer

What is your definition for Asian Top Model?

TODD: An Asian Top Model is a girl who possesses the physical characteristics to work professionally at the international level. Without a doubt, part of my definition includes someone with character, a good work ethic and a personality that shows through when being photographed.

What is the acceptance of Asian models in the high fashion industry?

TODD: The use of Asian models may appear to be a current trend but I believe you will see Asian faces becoming a norm in all areas of the fashion industry. It certainly can be argued that part of the reason for Asian faces are economic ones with the continuous rise of and growth in Asian economies and their impact on the global market. I also think people on a whole have broadened their perspectives/definitions of what is beautiful which includes the wide variety of looks that come from Asia.

What, in your opinion, will help promote the use of more Asian models in magazines and runway shows?

TODD: What will help promote Asian models in magazines and runways are firstly the current group of ground breakers from mainland China starting with Du Juan, and then Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun and Kiki Kang. Secondly, the current level of acceptance of Asian beauty on a global scale helps continue the momentum. Finally, with Asian markets like China and India really only partially developed at this time and forecasted to continue to grow for the next several decades, fashion houses and key advertiser’s will continue to use Asian faces in promotion of their products and vehicles for entry points in the subsequent Asian markets.

Name some Asian models that you think are truly Asian Next Top Model.

TODD: One of the most recognized Asian models is Liu Wen, who I personally love shooting. She has a wonderful personality that electrifies editorially. Certainly, there are a number of girls that make a good living from modeling but their names may not be widely known. A top model has a combination of that ‘X’ factor, luck, timing and often the right management. GaoJie and YeZi are definitely names to keep an ear out for.


Which Asian model would you like to personally photograph and why?

TODD: I have been lucky to photograph most of the top Asian models, but I’d love to work with model Ming Xi. From the images, I have seen of her, she has embraced a European style of fashion imagery and feels comfortable with it. Another model would be Alyssah Ali, simply because I find her straight out beautiful.

Share your thoughts of your participation in Asia’s Next Top Model.

TODD: Tyra Banks’ Top Model franchise is the most successful modeling-based reality television series in the world. It is an honour to be part of the Top Model family and work alongside supermodel Host Nadya Hutagalung, Fashion Director Daniel Boey and noted Model Mentor Joey Mead King. The beauty of Pan-Asian will take center stage and it’s a great platform to celebrate diverse looks in the industry as well mentor and develop the chosen finalists into successful top models.

Photo By Todd Anthony Tyler

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