Maybank Singapore Offers Employees Benefits Amidst Covid-19 Period

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Maybank Singapore has rolled out financial assistance, reimbursement and vouchers for affected employees in this unprecedented Covid-19 period.

The bank recognises the commitment of its frontline employees and is presenting S$100 thank-you voucher to every sales and service staff and security personnel working at its 18 branches. Security guards, property management agents and cleaners stationed at Maybank office premises are also eligible.

Employees living in Singapore temporarily due to the Malaysia Movement Control Order are given a one-time financial assistance of S$1,400 to help defray cost of accommodation and other incidental expenses. Some employees have chosen to stay in accommodation provided by Maybank or rent their own while some are staying with friends and family.

Employees serving 14-day stay-home notice are assigned BCP coordinators to help them order food and daily essentials where the bank will reimburse expenses of up to S$200.

Echoing our corporate mission to humanise financial services, we look at the impact of Covid-19 outbreak on our employees and hope to address their needs and encourage them to continue to give their best at work. For example, we noticed some employees may not have a support system to help them with the purchase of their daily necessities while serving stay-home notice. Therefore, we suggested other colleagues to send them what they need and the bank will provide some reimbursement. In addition, with a view to protect our staff’s wellbeing, Maybank has implemented split site operations, work-from-home arrangements and staggered working hours as far as possible, and reduced the proximity of physical interactions amongst our staff, including safe distancing in the work and rest areas. Group trainings and events are deferred until further notice. We will continue to show support for our employees during this challenging period.

Mr. Wong Keng Fye, Head of Human Capital at Maybank Singapore

Maybank Singapore has also launched customer-centric solutions such as complimentary remittance services for Malaysians in Singapore and Home Loan Repayment Relief programme.

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