Revolut Collaborates with StashAway and PolicyPal to launch Medical Energizer

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Revolut, StashAway and Policy Pal have joined forces to launch Medical Energizer to support medical heroes who fight on the front lines. This programme offers financial, insurance and transportation benefits.

Medical personnel get 3% cashback for every transaction made on the Revolut Visa cards without any caps and up to S$50 rides rebates per week for any ride sharing services and taxi rides.

PolicyPal offers Personal Accident COVID-19 insurance with a diagnosis benefit of S$3,000 and up to S$2,000 outpatient medical expenses reimbursement.

Medical personnel are also eligible to receive free investing for six months by StashAway.

You can also join the cause by donating directly on the Revolut app to ‘SG Medical Heroes’ via the instant payments feature. There is no minimum donation and 100% of the donations will go directly to the rides rebates, which are available for all ride-sharing services and taxi rides. PolicyPal’s community can also support by donating their S$P credits to support medical personnel to get their life insurance policies in this trying period.

Medical personnel can sign up for the 3% cashback and rides rebates by emailing employment proof to [email protected], with the subject title “Medical Energizer”. Similarly, they can sign up for PolicyPal and Stashaway benefits by emailing [email protected]  and  [email protected].

Any excess contribution will be donated to registered medical charities.

If you do not have a Revolut Visa card, you can apply here.

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