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Singlife Elevates Protection: Upgraded Insurance Plans Elite Term II and Cancer Cover Plus II

Singlife upgrades the Singlife Elite Term II and Singlife Cancer Cover Plus II today to offer greater peace of mind and financial security to Singaporeans, addressing evolving needs and protection gaps.

Singlife’s 2023 Financial Freedom Index study revealed the 60% of consumers here lack confidence in settling hospital bills should they fall ill, and it increases to 65% when it involves financing dependents during unexpected events.

Singlife Elite Term II provides a wide range of coverage terms and add-on riders such as total and permanent disability, critical illness, and more. Policyholders and dependents are guaranteed a lump sum payout upon death or terminal illness. Policyholders can also increase their coverage during life stage events or convert their term life insurance plans into a new endowment or whole life plan without medical underwriting. Singlife Elite Term II replaces Singlife Eliite Term which will be discontinued and no longer for purchase. There will be no change to existing Singlife Elite Term policy coverage for existing policyholders.

The standalone Singlife Cancer cover Plus II medical plan covers costs of outpatient cancer treatments, including both listed and unlisted drug treatments, outpatient services, and selected cancer treatments such as Proton Therapy and Cell, Tissue and Gene Therapies both locally and overseas with coverage extending up to S$1.5 million per policy year. Singlife Cancer Cover Plus II replaces Singlife Cancer Cover Plus which will be discontinued today. Existing policyholders can transition to Singlife Cancer Cover Plus II or renew their current policy at their renewal date.

Enjoy a 10% discount on first-year premiums for Singlife Cancer Cover Plus II until 30 June 2024. The first 50 eligible policyholders of Singlife Cancer Cover Plus II can redeem a complimentary cancer screening package valued at S$228 at selected Parkway Shenton clinics.

Singlife partnered IHH Healthcare Singapore in 2023 to provide policyholders with access to affordable and dependable healthcare solutions. Singlife customers have direct access to IHHSG’s network of over 600 accredited medical specialists without the need for prior authorisation from their insurer for in-patient care.

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