Pearlyn Phau Group CEO Singlife and Jason Foo CEO Dementia Singapore

Singlife’s Innovative Dementia Coverage Includes Cognitive Decline, Mental Health, Burns, and Fractures

Singlife’s new Singlife Dementia Cover is Singapore’s first insurance plan that offers yearly payouts for people living with demential and other mental health issues.

Singlife Dementia Cover

Singlife Dementia Cover is a long-term care protection plan that covers covers individuals up till age 99 at next birthday. It offers annual payouts of up to S$10,000 for dementia and mental health conditions like major depressive disorder, schizophrenia disorder and bipolar disorder. Upon a dementia diagnosis, the plan provides a lump-sum payout of up to S$10,000 for depressive or anxiety disorder. There is also an additional lump-sum payout of up to S$10,000 for medical expenses incurred for accidental burns and fractures due to the increased risk of falling and injuring themselves. Upon a late-stage dementia diagnosis, the policyholder can stop premium payment and continue to receive annual payouts for up to 10 years. 

Singlife Dementia Cover is available to Singlife CareShield Standard / Plus and Singlife ElderShield Standard / Plus policyholders. 

“Dementia affects not only those living with it but also the caregivers who often prioritise their loved ones’ needs over their own wellbeing. We are pleased to collaborate with Dementia Singapore to enhance support for the dementia community and the health and wellbeing of their caregivers.” 

Pearlyn Phau, Group Chief Executive Officer, Singlife 

Singlife Partnership with Dementia Singapore

Singlife has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding today with Dementia Singapore, a social service agency specialising in dementia care, caregiver support, training, consultancy, and advocacy. Dementia Singapore will train Singlife’s affiliated financial adviser representatives and employees to enhance their awareness and deep understanding of cognitive decline, the impact on caregivers and the support resources available in Singapore. This will better equip them to start conversations with customers and their loved ones and provide valuable support when necessary. They will serve as volunteers in Dementia Singapore’s community outreach programmes.

The partnership enables Singlife to support caregivers by offering complimentary benefits and exclusive discounts via Dementia Singapore’s CARA app. Singlife will offer one-year Group Term Life Insurance for eligible caregivers for free via the CARA app. It will payout S$100,000 to th enominated beneficiary in the event of death, terminal illness, or total and permanent disability of the insured caregiver. Also, eligible CARA app members will enjoy exclusive discounts on Singlife long-term care plans including Singlife Dementia Cover and Singlife Careshield.

Singlife’s has an partnership with Doctor Anywhere (DA), a tech-led healthcare company headquartered in Singapore that provides comprehensive care across Southeast Asia, encompassing primary care, specialist care, preventive health, and wellness solutions. Caregivers will be able to redeem a one-year DA Healthwise subscription plan via the CARA app. This offers panel rates for GP consultations either through the DA app, or in-person at over 300 GP clinics islandwide, as well as access to health and wellness programmes.

Leveraging Singlife’s partnership with Mirxes4, CARA app members can also book a complimentary Precision Community Screening (PCS) package at Dementia Singapore’s upcoming community outreach programmes. PCS is an extensive health screening initiative which aims to raise awareness about the importance of early disease detection and encourage the community to take a proactive approach to their health. The package includes screening for 3 chronic conditions (blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol) and up to 5 types of cancer namely colorectal, ovarian/ prostate, liver, lung and breast.  

Singlife will also further its collaboration with AIC to raise awareness of the Post-Diagnostic Support Community Outreach Team (CREST-PDS) programme for persons living with dementia and their caregivers. It will roll out AIC’s mental health and dementia awareness e-learning modules as compulsory training to Singlife Relationship Consultants so that they are well equipped to support their clients living with dementia. 

Singlife Care Collab – One Stop Health Services Hub for Singlife Customers

Singlife Care Collab is a one-stop health services that was launched in September 2023 for Singlife customers. They can access preventive care, long-term care and other services. Singlife ha spartnered with Agency of Intergrated Care (AIC), Homage, Icon Cancer Centre, IHH HealthCare, Parkway Cancer Centre, and SG Assist. The partnership with Dementia Singapore is part of Singlife Care Collab.

Policyholders will enjoy benefits at these new Care Collab partners. Simply Wills and Immortalise, Singapore’s most comprehensive elderhood marketplace, allows customers to plan ahead and ease any burdens on their loved ones. Doctor Anywhere and Helpling, a leading online platform for on-demand home services including part-time caregivers, will support caregivers and families who may require such services.

Under Care Collab, Singlife will also work with partners to contribute towards building a dementia-friendly Singapore. Assets now include the likes of Dementia Singapore’s Voices For Hope empowerment programme, its CARA membership programme and its one-stop resource portal, Dementia Hub, for up-to-date information on dementia. 

Feature Image by Singlife- Pearlyn Phau Group CEO Singlife and Jason Foo CEO Dementia Singapore

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