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StashAway launches She Invests Master Class series


StashAway, a digital wealth manager that offers investments portfolio and wealth management solutions, launches She Invests master class. Fewer women invest than men even though statistics show women earn better investment returns, have a higher savings rate and invest more consistently compared to men. Clients who identify as female now make up half of StashAway’s client base, up from 10% from the company’s launch 5 years ago.

She Invest is an extension of StashAway Academy and will cover Personal Finance and investing Basics, Investing in Your Beliefs with Thematic Investing, Digital Assets and Gender-equal practices at the Workplace.

“Data shows that 94% of men want their partners to be involved in financial decisions. And the majority of women who defer financial decisions to their partners also want to be involved. She Invests doubles down on StashAway’s efforts to equip everyone with the knowledge and tools to have that conversation at home about financial planning, and ultimately build and manage wealth for the long term.”

Michele Ferrario, StashAway Co-founder and CEO

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