Fresh Herbs from Artisan Green

A Sustainable Source of Fresh Herbs from Artisan Green

Artisan Green , the modern farm in Kallang known for its 100% pesticide-free baby spinach, has launched locally grown fresh herbs.

The new line of herbs includes Lemon Basil, Dill, and Coriander. You can get them at S$3.90 each from Ryan’s Grocery, Eccellente by HAO Mart, HAO Megamart, Everyday Vegan Grocer, Fairprice Online, Pantry Selects and Red Mart. Besides the retailers mentioned, the baby spinach is also available at Little Farms and Yes Natural at S$6.90.

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Lemon BalmA cultivar of sweet basil that boasts a distinct lemon aroma. Commonly used in South Asian cuisines as part of stews or salads. It works particularly well with seafood and chicken. Its versatility also makes it well suited for brewing teas.
DillChefs have been using dill for centuries as a versatile aromatic that enhances flavour, colour and texture to dishes. If used fresh, its subtle flavour works beautifully with potatoes and fish or as an addition to soups, stews and cream-based sauces.
CorianderCoriander is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. It is also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley. The unique lively flavour with strong citrus undertones of fresh Coriander makes it a great garnish or in salsa, salads and guacamole.

Ray Poh and his Sustainable Farm

Ray Poh, a former casino gaming company Director in Macau, founded Artisan Green in 2018. He made it his mission to sustainably grow ultra-fresh, pesticide-free greens that are easily accessible to the local community.

Artisan Green uses state-of-the-art hydroponics technology to achieve consistent flavour, freshness and quality of its crops all year-round. The farm is monitored 24 by 7 in a controlled indoor growing environment. This is created by carefully calibrated LED lights and climate management systems.

“Artisan Green was a passion project of mine for about a year before turning into the full-scale farm we have today. It all started when I came across the hydroponics method of indoor farming. This substantially decreased the size of farming land needed. And it promotes sustainability and supplies cleaner produce grown with less water and without pesticides. That was enough impetus for me to go wholeheartedly into this business and ‘grow’ it further.” 

Ray Poh, Founder of Artisan Green

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