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Baskin-Robbins Returns To Singapore

Barbarella Baskin Robbins

9 June 2011, Singapore –  The ‘Grand Opening’ took place this evening at Baskin-Robbins’ Velocity@Novena store with Mr. Srinivas Kumar, Baskin-Robbins’ International President and the master franchisee, Scoop & Scoop Pte Ltd, Singapore’s favourite SPG “Barbarella” from the popular local comedy “The Noose” officiating the opening of the 4000th international store.

The Novena store is Baskin-Robbin’s first shop in Singapore and the 48th country in which Baskin-Robbins has a presence at.  Baskin-Robbins has also opened another store in Clementi Mall.

S.Y. Cheah, the president and owner of Scoop & Scoop Pte Ltd is the master licensee of 54 outlets in Malaysia.  In 2008, Scoop & Scoop was recognized as the International Partner of the Year for Baskin-Robbins for its development of Baskin-Robbins in Malaysia.  Scoop & Scoop plans to open an additional 10 locations in Singapore over the next several years.

The new stores in Singapore has been created in Baskin-Robbins’ newest international design, representing the brand’s “Three-H’s” : Heritage, Hospitality and Happiness.  The stores will provide a more welcoming place for delicious celebrations with friends and families.   At one look, you’ll be able to identify it as Baskin-Robbins.

You’ll be able to spot relaxing lounge-style seating, pink spoon door handles and walls that are textured similar to waffle cones, an expanded topping station, interactive LCD menu displays and improved dessert displays for modeling ice cream cakes and sundaes.

Baskin-Robbins signature “31” stands for a different ice cream flavour for each day of the month.  More than 1,000 flavours have been developed.  You can expect Singaporean flavours to be developed by Baskin-Robbins.  Sink your teeth on traditional American favourites such as “Mint Chocolate Chip”, “Jamoca Almond Fudge”  and traditional Southeast Asian flavours such as Green Tea and Mango Tango made from King Alfonso mangoes from India.  A new flavour will be introduced every month as part of the Flavour of the Month programme.

Uniquely Singaporean items such as “Berry Brownie Good Waffle Sundae” and “Berry-Kissed Banana Waffle Sundae” are available in single scoop for S$9.50 or double scoops at S$10.50 respectively.

100 free scoops of ice cream will be given on 11 June 2011, Saturday at both stores from 11.00am onwards whilst stocks last.

Check out for more details.

Baskin-Robbins Singapore stores are located at:

  • #01-72/73 Novena Square and
  • #04-K1/K2 Clementi Mall

Here’re some photos of tonight’s event.  The highlight of which besides the ice-cream was of course Singapore’s favourite Sarong Party Girl (SPG) Barbarella.  There was also a game for guests to concoct their own ice cream shake, and our writer Dennis won the challenge.



Barbarella Baskin Robbins - Store front at Velocity Novena Square

Barberella Baskin Robbins - Michelle Chong
Barbarella Does Baskin Robins
Baskin Robbins - Photo opportunity with VIPS
VIPs photo opportunity
Barbarella Baskin Robbins
S.Y. Cheah of Scoop & Scoop Pte Ltd and Srinivas Kumar of Baskin-Robbins International spooning as Barbarella looks on.

Barbarella Baskin Robbins

Barbarella Baskin Robbins
Barbarella from The Noose hosting

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