Buffet Alert: Crab Feast At PARKROYAL On Beach Road

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9 July 2012 , Singapore – Crab lovers, mark your calendar from now till 31 August as Plaza Brasserie at PARK ROYAL on Beach Road feature a wide array of crab dishes in the daily dinner buffet spread in addition to their usual spread of mouth watering dishes.

Crab Feast at PARKROYAL On Beach Road

Crab Feast at PARKROYAL On Beach Road


Chef Jackson’s cooks up his new crab recipes such as the Nonya Curry Crab, Butter Crab, Stir Fried Crab with Egg Yolk, Thai Green Curry Mud Crab in Sichuan Style and Stir Friend Flower Crabs with Spring Oinions and Ginger. You’ll be able to also taste the usual crab suspects such as chilli and pepper crabs.

It's more than just Crabs

It’s more than just Crabs


If you do need carbs to go with your crab, make sure you save some space for the Crab Meat Le Mein and the Brasied Tang Hoon with Live Crabs.

My vote goes to the Stir Fried Crab with Egg Yolk. Chef Jackson added a tinge of spiciness to the dish, giving the dish more oomph to every bite.

Dinner:    (Mon to Thu)   Adult $52+++  Child $31+++

Dinner:    (Fri to Sat)   Adult $55+++  Child $33+++

Reservations: +65 6505 5710



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