Buffet Alert: Authentic Moorish Cuisine at Carousel, Royal Plaza On Scotts

Carousel at Royal Plaza On Scotts - Moorish Buffet

20 July 2012, Singapore – Carousel at Royal Plaza On Scotts brings back the authentic flavours from Southern Spain featuring Moorish Cuisine from 21 July to 18 August 2012.   Last year, the hotel garnered great response from guests during the Spanish Promotion, so this year it invited Spanish guest chef, Esmeraldo Oteruelo to cook up a sumptuous Moorish feast at its dinner buffet counters.

Chef Esmeraldo’s culinary experience has spanned the globe from Switzerland to Indonesia.  Seafood is his chief ingredient and he believes in simplicity in preparation to retain the natural sweetness and freshest flavours.

Guest Chef Esmeraldo Oteruelo, Carousel, RP

Check out Moorish dishes such as Paella Morisca (seafood paella), Lubina Charmula (charmula seabass) and Vieras Mozarabes (sea scallops with saffron sauce), Charrillera de Ternera Tajine (Moorish-style veal cheeks) and Tajine de Pisto Manchego (vegetable stew).

The dinner buffet is priced at S$78++ from 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily till 18 August 2012. Call +6565897799  or email carousel@royalplaza.com.sg for enquiries and visit www.carouselbuffet.com.sg for online reservations.

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