Burger King Crunchy Nacho Burgers : Limited Time

BK Crunchy Nacho

June 2011, Singapore –  For the month of June, Burger King lets nacho lovers enjoy 3 new nacho burgers.  You can enjoy the 100% flame-grilled beef and chicken patty burgers with the crunchy satisfaction of nano chips.

The three exciting flavours are :

1. Nacho Tendergrill Chicken

Nacho Tendergrill Chicken

Sink your teeth into the tender thigh meat combined with crunchy nacho chips in a soft water-split corn-dusted bun topped with the spicy jalapeño BBQ sauce melded with luscious mayonnaise.

2. Nacho Tendercrisp Chicken
Nacho Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken This crispy and crunchy rendition ensures every chomp of the mouth creates a musical flavour that sends a zing through the string of your heart!

3. Nacho Whopper and Nacho Whopper Junior


BK’s signature beef burgers, Whopper and Whopper Junior, now come with a crunchy wallop with the addition of tasty and crispy nacho chips.

The BK Crunchy Nacho Burger also comes as a value meal which comes with  a choice of medium fries and medium drink starting from S$5.95 for the Nacho Whopper Junior to S$7.95 for the Nacho Whopper, Nacho Tendergrill and Nacho Tendercrisp meals from 11.00am daily.

You should also complete the meal with the limited time Black Pepper Basil Drumlets priced at S$1.95 for 2 pieces or S$3.90 for 4 pieces.  For every purchase of the BK Crunchy Nacho Burger meal, you’ll get 2 pieces of the Black Pepper Basil Drumlets.

Do hurry though.  These burgers are only available till end June 2011 in Singapore.

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  1. Countrymanager

    They must be REALLY crunchy if loaded with “nano” chips. So if you eat one of these burgers, will your memory improve?

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