Cake Avenue launches diner-themed dessert menu

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Don't let this savoury-looking dishes fool you at Cake Avenue. They are actually desserts.

Don’t let this savoury-looking dishes fool you. They are actually desserts. (Cake Avenue Photo)

Give me a dessert that gives me complete cognitive dissonance! Someone must have yelled at Cake Avenue when this all-new diner themed dessert menu was created.

Cake Avenue was founded by Natalie and Chuang Sheng Wong in 2000 and in line with its 17th anniversary, the shop will be launching six dessert items to celebrate its milestone year.

Chef E.T. Yew, head pastry chef at Cake Avenue spent months developing this quirky dessert menu, which shows off his creativity, playfulness and craftsmanship as an accomplished patissier.

“Cake Avenue has always been a place where customers can come to have fun with their desserts. We’ve made birthday cakes that were designed to look like Bak Chor Mee, and anniversary cakes that look like branded bags…your eyes see one thing, yet your taste buds register another.

With mounting trepidation, we tried all six of the new items and we were impressed.

Cake Avenue's Alphabet Soup Dessert

Cake Avenue’s Alphabet Soup Dessert (Cake Avenue photo)

We started off our “meal” with a wondrous bowl of Alphabet Soup (S$8.90), which was reminiscent of the Campbell’s style tomato ABC macaroni meal we had as children. Only, as a dessert – this soup features a creamy lychee mousse entremets with chunks of lychee and raspberry encased within.  The illusion is created with sweet milk agar alphabets and rose jelly ‘consommé’.

The Great Con Dog at Cake Avenue

The Great Con Dog (Cake Avenue Photo)

Other notable items include The Great Con Dog (S$8.90) and the Diner Sliders & Fries (S$15.90). The former showcases creamy sweet corn custard within a crispy fried breaded shell, and it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The latter boasts two ‘sliders’ with dark chocolate ice cream ‘patties’ between vanilla cake buns. Take full advantage of this fun dish by squeezing the accompanying sauces – passion fruit ‘mustard’ and raspberry ‘ketchup’. It comes with a side of cake fries that taste like rusk biscuits, the cake fries are also available on its own for S$8.90.

Cake Avenue Nachos Dulces (Cake Avenue photo)

Nachos Dulces (Cake Avenue photo)

Another dessert that’s great for sharing is the Nachos Dulces (S$12.90) – flatbread nachos crowned with chocolate mousse, strawberry compote, julienned peaches, and pistachio ice cream. Que rico!

Lava Pops at Cake Avenue (Cake Avenue photo)

Lava Pops at Cake Avenue (Cake Avenue photo)

However, our favourite turned out to be the Lava Pops ($8.90) with its meatball-sized portions of warm red velvet cake with a molten vanilla cream cheese filling. Move over cake pops, Lava Pops are the next in thing.

Cake Avenue’s dessert menu has launched on 1 September 2017 at 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, S598132 (Off Beauty World MRT Station)


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