Celebrate Christmas with Häagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs Royal Celebration $68
Royal Celebration $68

This Christmas, Häagen-Dazs has some delightful year-end gourmet pleasures for your sweet palate.   With 6 new Christmas ice-cream creations and cakes, you can share your happiness with those who matter to you.   From iconic Christmas Cakes and creations featuring the latest limited edition flavour White Chocolate Raspberry, to a special Christmas Fondue and Gateau gift set, there is no limit to endless joy and wonderment you will experience.

Häagen-Dazs offers you 3 different gift hampers to choose from. They are available till 31 December 2010.

From Top to Bottom: Classic Treasure Gift Set (S$38), All I Want for Christmas Gift Set (S$50) and Royal Celebration Gift Set (S$68)

Classic Treasure Gift Set (S$38) comes with 2 pints and a S$20 voucher.

All I Want for Christmas … Gift Set (S$50) includes 3 ‘White’ presents and 3 ‘Brown’ presents.

Royal Celebration Gift Set (S$68) comes with 4 pints, S$20 voucher and a special Christmas bauble that comes gorgeously wrapped in a sleek classic box.

There are also two takeaway cakes to choose from..

Let it Snow (L) is inspired by a White Christmas, fresh strawberries lining a Cookies and Cream ice cream cake covered with snow white fresh cream.  Makes a great alternative to the usual Christmas log sponge cakes.  1 kg costs S$80+ and 1.5 kg costs S$115+

Christmas Celebration (R) is a decadent Belgian Chocolate ice cream log cake topped with fresh berries and edible gold beams and glitter.  1 kg costs S$80 + and 1.5 kg costs S$115+

From now till 2 January, dine in and enjoy the following creations:

Joyous Noel – S$19

Be presented with a “white present” made of White chocolate raspberry, layered with Vanilla and a “brown present” made of Cookies and Cream, layered with Belgium chocolate.  These “presents” look too pretty to eat, I have to say.  I prefer the “white presents” while Dennis liked the “brown presents”

12 Days of Christmas – S$48

With 4 favourite ice-cream flavours, including Caramel Biscuit and Cream, Cookies Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry and Macadamia Nut, treat yourself to a slow-melting experience.  Immerse fruits like strawberries, bananas, and kiwis along with brownies, waffles and marshmallows in the Christmas chocolate fondue.

Silent Night – S$15

Have a romantic evening sharing a Silent Night which is filled with rich Belgium Chocolate and White Chocolate Raspberry.

There’s a takeaway option of S$12.

Winter Wonderland – S$15

This is the closest we get to that perfect colourful Christmas with flavours that include the White Chocolate Raspberry, Mango sorbet, Raspberry sorbet and Green tea.

You can also select your favourite flavours.

And if you decide to just takeaway when you chance upon a Häagen-Dazs outlet when you are in a hurry, grab a Jingle Bell for just S$12.  This takeaway ice-cream cone is topped with 4 scoops of delectable flavours such as the White Chocolate Raspberry, Belgian Chocolate, Caramel Biscuit Cream and the Classic Vanilla.

When you are at Clarke Quay,  do drop by the Häagen-Dazs outlet there.  It is the only outlet in Singapore that serves the exclusive Christmas Cocktail.  Winter Blush (S$18) is blended with Pomegranate, white peach and orange blossom sorbet, tequila and fresh strawberries

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