Dining: The Halia at Raffles Hotel – The Joy Of Sharing

Stockyard Wagyu Rump (200g) - S$46
Stockyard Wagyu Rump (200g) – S$46

The Halia has finally step foot outside of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, opening a new branch at the historical Raffles Hotel. Replacing the now defunct Seah Street Deli, Halia at Raffles Hotel is positioned as an urban-casual restaurant, serving up contemporary European cuisine with hint of Asian touch.

Replacing the conventional concept of “Appetisers” and “Mains” with the gimmicky “Small Plates” and “Big Plates“, diners are encouraged to mix & match the small and/or big plates to customise their own degustation in a fun and flexible manner. Do not be fooled by the term “Small Plates” as they can be a hefty portion that can be served as a main course. So if you like variety in your meals, Halia at Raffles Hotel will be a great place to interact with friends & family while sharing dishes under its colonial ambiance.

Halia at Raffles Hotel
Halia at Raffles Hotel


 The Small Plates

The “small plates” dishes are beautifully plated to be visually appetising and their robust flavours just makes your palate drool. What a great way to start a meal. The crunchy & colourful Cured Hiramasa Kingfish makes it a refreshing and subtle appetiser. The Celeriac “Lasagna” made of celeriac sheets instead of pasta, has this savoury goodness of mushroom and spinach that even non-vegetarians will fall in love with this dish.


Cured Hiramasa Kingfish - S$25
Cured Hiramasa Kingfish – S$25
Oriental Pulled Duck - S$18
Oriental Pulled Duck – S$18
Foie Gras Salad - S$23
Foie Gras Salad – S$23
Celeriac "Lasagna" - S$12
Celeriac “Lasagna” – S$12



The Big Plates

The “big plates” menu kept some of Halia’s signature dishes like the Javanese Maori Lakes Rack of Lamb and Halia Chilli Crab, which are the definite “MUST TRY” dishes. The rack of lamb is cooked to perfection making it tender and juicy, even the fat on the rack melts in the mouth. Another highlight dish will be the Seafood in Saffron Orange Broth, which is a huge serving that can be shared among a group of four. The saffron orange broth is not just tasty, it also brings out natural sweetness of the seafood in the broth, an unforgettable good taste.


Seafood in Saffron Orange Broth - S$30
Seafood in Saffron Orange Broth – S$30
Sous Vide Baharat Chicken Leg - S$28
Sous Vide Baharat Chicken Leg – S$28
Javanese  Maori Lakes Rack of Lamb - S$49
Javanese Maori Lakes Rack of Lamb – S$49
Halia Chilli Crab - S$25
Halia Chilli Crab – S$25



The Desserts

With all the limelight on the small & big plates, it will only be complete by ending the meal with nice desserts. The White Chocolate Mousse not just wins on presentation, it is also a dessert with many layers of texture  & taste from the mousse, chocolate crumble, raspberry, peach puree and chocolate ice cream. The Sticky Toffee Pudding will be a safe choice which everyone will love, served with a light sprinkle of sea salt this dessert is simple & divine.


halia6White Chocolate Mousse (S$12), Ginger Nougat Parfait (S$10) and Sticky Toffee Pudding (S$10)
White Chocolate Mousse (S$12), Ginger Nougat Parfait (S$10) and Sticky Toffee Pudding (S$10)