Dita Von Teese and Her Private Cointreau Coffret


March 2011, Singapore – Cointreau and Dita Von Teese has collaborated to create an elegant Cointreau Cocktail Coffret and boudoir set.   This elegant box comes with a custom designed bottle of Cointreau, two cocktail glasses and a pink Cobbler shaker.

Cointreau was established over 60 years ago in Angers, in the Loire Valley of France.   This orange liquer, made of sweet and bitter orange peel essential oils,  comes in an iconic square bottle with rounded shoulders and amber colour.  Cointreau has ben a key ingredient in popular drinks such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sidecar and the White Lady.  It can also be enjoyed neat or with ice, or mixed with tonic, lemonade, soda water or fruit juice.

Dita Von Teese is a burlesque icon and a muse to fashion designers around the globe.  She is known for her elaborate signature props and opulent costumes.    She designed My Private Cointreau Coffret after her own tastes, with the aspirations of stylish women and cocktail enthusiasts in mind.

Contact Remy Cointreau International at +65 6593 6223 if you are interested in acquiring this exclusive coffret set.





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