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Evian Finally Launches Its First-Ever Sparkling Water in Singapore

evian has launched its first-ever Sparkling water in Singapore. Crafted by its 15-year natural filtration journey through the glacial rocks in the heart of the French Alps, evian Sparkling continues to encourage healthy hydration with at least 2 litres per day of water to maintain normal physical and cognitive functions.

The delicate effervescence and clean mineral aftertaste provide a refined sensation. Its unique mineral composition and low levels of sodium make evian Sparkling the softest and most well-balanced sparkling water with the finest, foamy effervescent bubbles. Pairs well with sophisticated flavours and doesn’t overpower with too many bubbles and salt.

Available in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles and can also be enjoyed in 1-Group’s restaurants that include KAARLA, OUMI, FIRE, and FLNT; DHM Group’s L’ENTRECÔTE, SABIO BY THE SEA, RIVIERA, BTM MUSSELS & BAR; Baroque, Bar-A-Thym, Avenue 87, Ma Cuisine, Braseiro, Nicolas Le Restaurant, Takayama, My Awesome Café, Atout and Hui. Indoguna Singapore is the official distributor for restaurants and hotels.

evian Sparkling is also available at selected retailers including Redmart.

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