Man Fu Yuan - 3 hours 33 minutes honey glazed Duroc pork ribs with yuzu soya sauce and grated coconut

Executive Chef Aaron Tan Revamps Man Fu Yuan’s Ala Carte Menu

Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore introduces a refreshed ala carte menu that showcases many new dishes while preserving a selection of popular signatures. Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan skillfully blends conventional elements with contemporary influences, creating a harmonious balance. The traditional Cantonese favourites have been revitalised with modern interpretations and top-quality ingredients, injecting them with a renewed sense of vibrancy.

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“These new items focus on innovation without losing authenticity, and reinvention while retaining taste. Elements of these signature dishes allow guests to experience their food with multi-sensory delight. I also believe the root of Chinese cuisine is in comfort and family bonding over food, which is an inspiration for flavours presented, which are warming to the heart and palate.” 

Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan, Man Fu Yuan

Highlights of the new menu include a rather interesting Flambé Braised crocodile palm with vegetables and mushrooms (S$98 per portion). This dish is served with the whole foot in tact, nails included. This collagen-filled delicacy is braised for six hours until tender. The 3.33 honey-glazed Duroc pork ribs with yuzu soya sauce and grated coconut (S$78 per portion) promises to be a crowd-pleaser with a side of table theatrics that is not only a feast for the palate for the eyes as well.

A penchant for fried rice? It’s my current obsession. The Stone Bowl rice with Kurobuta pork cured meat, egg yolk, and tobiko, is priced at S$46 per portion. It delivers a remarkable combination of diverse textures and flavours. Additionally, the chef enhances the dish with the inclusion of liver sausage, contributing an extra layer of umami.

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Soups are a must at Man Fu Yuan. The Double-boiled superior seafood soup with mushroom served in melon husk serves three to five at S$108 per portion. To maintain its form and prevent the flesh from becoming overly tender, the entire melon is first fried and then steamed together with the seafood and other ingredients. A very wholesome soup.

If you prefer a more nourishing soup option, there is the Braised Indonesian cave bird’s nest with crab meat, crab roe, and silver sprout in Beijing style (S$88 per person).

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For desserts, try the warm Double-boiled papaya, coconut cream with peach collagen and hashima (S$38 per person) or the Black sesame rolls with coconut at S$18 per portion of six pieces.

Man Fu Yuan‘s main dining room accommodates 100 guests. Its semi-private and private dining rooms cater to groups from two to 40 guests.

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Man Fu Yuan
Level 2, InterContinental Singapore
80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966

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