FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Lunch : Greenland coldwater prawns on ice ($6 / 100gm)

[DINE] Taste of Norway at FiSK Seafoodbar and Market

FISK Seafoodbar and Market Open-Face-Smørrebrød-Sandwich-S4-to-S10-per-piece-1G7A2799
Open Face Smørrebrød Sandwich Priced between S$4 and S$10 per piece

Enjoy a taste of Norway at FiSK Seafoodbar and Market which opened late last year. Located within the same complex where the Novotel Singapore on Stevens and Mercure Singapore on Stevens have opened, FiSK Seafoodbar and Market was the first tenant to open last year. You can dine in and also buy back fresh ingredients all in this 4,000 sqft dining and retail destination.


FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Lunch : Greenland coldwater prawns on ice ( / 100gm)
Lunch Greenland coldwater prawns on ice $6 100gm

One of my favourite dishes here is the Greenland coldwater prawns which are very sweet and juicy. These prawns come with a lot of roe. You can also purchase these from the market and makes a great snack when entertaining guests. Pairs well with almost anything from wine to beer or even whiskey. These prawns are priced at S$6 per 100 gms which is about 12 pieces. You can buy some home from the market at S$2.50 per 100gms.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Smoked Salmon, “Pulpit Rock”
Lunch and Dinner Smoked Salmon Pulpit Rock

The smoked salmon “Pulpit Rock” is available for lunch at S$10.50 or at S$18 for dinner. The Norwegian salmon is smoked in-house and served with housemade flatbread, scrambled eggs and chopped chives. The scrambled eggs are so good. They are prepared with salt and pepper and finished with sour cream.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market Raw Hand-Dived Scallop S.50
Dinner Raw Hand Dived Scallop S$29

The Raw Hand-Dived Scallop is priced at S$29 for dinner. Yes!  That is for one Scottish or Norwegian scallop from the same waters. It is dressed with a juniper and calamansi gastrique upon order. This dish is inspired by Frank Naesheim’s (CEO of Snorre Food and Owner of FiSK) favourite Gin & Tonic with calamansi. An extremely refreshing starter.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Creamed Fish & Shellfish Soup
Lunch Creamed Fish Shellfish Soup S$750 for half or S$1250 for full

At lunch enjoy a half bowl of Creamed Fish & Shellfish Soup for S$7.50 or S$12.50 for a full serving. The fish and shellfish soup contain Atlantic cod, Norwegian salmon, carrots, celeriac and leeks served with bread and utter. The fish stock is prepared with white fish bones, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, bay leaves, onions and celeriac root for 45 minutes. After removing the ingredients, the stock is reduced further to a deeper flavour. The Shellfish stock is prepared with lobster and langoustine shells and the same ingredients as the fish stock but with added tomato paste. These two base stocks are then combined. Cream is added and then the soup is garnished with fish meat, Greenland prawns, and julienned vegetables and finished with olive oil and dill.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Fried Herring
Dinner Fried Herring S$350 per piece

The Fried Herring (S$3.50 per piece) looks like small potatoes but don’t be fooled by looks. The dill-marinated picked Norwegian herring is prepared in sourdough batter, sour cream, dried dill powder, lemon zest and lemon thyme. The sourdough batter is made with a housemade sourdough starter, rye flour and Nordaq Fresh still water, then let to rest for 30 minutes. Absolutely delightful starter.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Dinner - Hot-smoked Greenland halibut served whole for sharing, minimum two persons (S per person)
Dinner Hot smoked Greenland halibut served whole for sharing minimum two persons S$35 per person

The Hot-smoked Greenland halibut is served whole for sharing. The whole halibut is served with pearl couscous, trout roe and horseradish sauce, lemon juice, dill oil, chopped chives, Norwegian almond potatoes, cauliflower and asparagus.  The sides vary. What I had was steamed and peeled Norwegian almond potatoes mixed with a butter emulsion. An excellent dinner entree priced at S$35 per person for at least two people.

FISK Seafoodbar and Restaurant - Dinner - Uni Ice Cream (S)
Dinner Uni Ice Cream S$16

For desserts, Uni (sea urchin) lovers will go crazy with the Uni Ice Cream priced at S$16 per serving.  The ice cream contains neri uni a preserved salted uni from Japan, cream, milk and tapioca starch. The ice cream is garnished with rolled oats, Danish hawthorn berries, caramel-oats tuile shards and crumble and nori powder.

FISK Seafoodbar and Market - Sour Cream Mousse
Dinner Sour Cream Mousse S$14

The Sour Cream Mousse dessert is served during dinner for S$14 per serving. The sour cream mousse is made from whipped sour cream, whipped cream and Italian meringue, mixed with lemon juice and gelatine. It is then frozen. The strawberry consommé is prepared by getting the strawberries sous vide with lemon zest, vanilla bean, sugar and water for two hours till soft. The liquid is strained while more sugar and vanilla bean are added to the remains to foam a strawberry jam. Scored whole lemons are frozen with salt and then defrosted to extract the juice. Excess salt is removed and the lemons are placed in a mason jar with fresh lemon juice, honey, sugar, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cloves and star anise for a month.

All in all, the dining experience here is a fabulous one. I like the relaxing environment, and the food has turned out to be surprisingly wonderful and refreshing, especially for someone who is not very familiar with the taste of Norway.


Pick up something from the market before heading home. I’ll definitely get those Greenland prawns!

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