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Food - Korean - Bornga at Star Vista

15 January 2013, Singapore – Korean BBQ chain BORNGA joined the rest of the new food and beverage outlets at the new Star Vista in November last year.   Established in 2002, BORNGA has 33 branches in Korea, and Singapore is its 13th outlet outside Korea.  The chain has nine restaurants in China, one in the United States and two in Indonesia.

Food - Korean - Bornga - Woo Samgyup

The well marbled thinly sliced beef brisket – BORNGA’s patented Woo Samgyup S$22

What sets this BBQ diner from other Korean restaurants is Chef Jong Won Paik’s patented Woo Samgyup – a thinly-sliced well marbled beef brisket seasoned in BORNGA’s secret marinade.  The Woo Smagyup is served shortly after it is doused in the dressing and yet retains the meat’s natural colour while the traditional ‘bulgogi’ taste is enhanced.  It is so good, you would want to have more than one serving which costs S$22.    Yes, we tasted this and it is so smooth!



Other dishes we tried during our lunch tasting one December work day included the grilled pork belly Samgyupsal S$18, scallion and seafood pancake Haemul Pajeon S$22, stir-fried pork and vegetables with glass noodles Jap Chae S$23 and the spicy stew with kimchi, pork, tofu and vegetables Kimchi Jjigae S$15.

Food - Korean - Bornga at Star Vista

The pancakes tend to be too filling for me so I would usually go without it.  I generally like glass noodles so the Jap Chae is a must and the hot pot of Kimchi Jjigae spicy stew is a must if you have have to include something spicy in your meal.

So if you are into Korean BBQ as much I am, you would enjoy the food, the variety of bbq meats, condiments and the generous spread of ten different types of greens to keep your palate clean.  I would definitely return for more!

Depending on what the other patrons are having or if it is too crowded, it may get a little too smoky in the restaurant.  So you have the option of al fresco seating which I suspect may be less smoky.  BORNGA seats 74 indoors and 52 outdoors.


Food - Korean - Bornga at Star Vista

BORNGA expects to open its second outlet in Vivo City this year.  BORNGA is located at #02-24 The Star Vista at 1 Vista Exchange Green and is open 11.30am to 10pm daily.

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