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W Singapore’s Woolford Cooks Up Sunshine of Sentosa at W Taipei

W Taipei SOS - Sunshine of Sentosa Dishes

4 February 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – W Singapore Sentosa Cove’s Executive Chef Matthew Woolford is in W Taipei to tempt diners there with a selection of delicacies till 17 February 2013.  This culinary exchange programme called “SOS – Sunshine of Sentosa” offers lunch and dinner menus comprising of appetizers, soups and salads, items from the grill and steam, items from the wok, specialties, noodles and rice, desserts.

Chef Matthew Woolford was originally from Sydney and has over 18 years of food industry experience.  He has travelled extensively assembling experiences including the opening of W Seoul Walkerhill, W Koh Samui and W Singapore Sentosa Cove.

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