Haagen-Dazs introduces alcoholic cocktails

14 July 2010, Singapore – Haagen-Dazs has been actively rolling out new concoctions and items to the menu this year.  First it was ice-cream cakes, then there was the Sushi-platter. Today, Haagen-Dazs Singapore introduces 5 new concoctions and is the 1st country in Asia to launch their latest Cocktail Menu which is only available at 3A River Valley Road, #01-07 Clark Quay.

This new menu includes signature ice cream cocktails, sorbet-blended cocktails and liqueur coffee!  And believe me, there’s 1 full shot of liqueur or alcohol in the drinks.

With fancy names, here is the list of 5 new cocktails:

Roman Romance (S$18) = romantic fusion of Raspberry Sorbet, Sparkling Lemonade, Lime Juice, Fresh Strawberry and a shot of tequila.

Roman Romance

Santori Sunset (S$16) – a combination of Mango Sherbet, vodka, lime juice and pineapple juice.

Santori Sunset

Venetian Velvet (S$16) – Concoction of Belgian Chocolate ice cream, fresh milk, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. (personal favourite)

Irish Illusion

Manhattan Moment (S$16) – made with rich Vanilla ice cream, fresh milk and Bailey’s Irish Cream

Venetian Velvet

Irish Illusion (S$11) – Rich and silky concoction of Vanilla ice cream, Expresso and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Stella Artois beer is also available at S$13.00.   Check them out when you’re in Clark Quay.  I personally tried all 5 of them tonight and was a little tipsy from them.  An avid chocolate fan and also one with a sweet tooth,  my personal favourite is the Venetian Velvet. It’s thick and rich cocoa taste blends well with the Bailey’s Irish Cream.

The launch party held at the fountain court in the centre of Clark Quay was crowded with many people who were getting their happy dosage of alcohol and energy from the chocolate and sugar intake.  A nice female Jazz singer entertained the crowd with modern pieces.  Check out the launch photos below.


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