Häagen-Dazs’s Ice Cream Mooncakes

Mooncake Fiesta: Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Mooncakes

Häagen-Dazs’s Ice Cream Mooncakes

22 August 2012, Singapore – The premium ice cream mooncakes from Häagen-Dazs gives a contemporary twist to the age old Chinese delicacy served during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Choose from the four unique flavours,  White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate which have a crispy praline base and a Mango Sorbet ‘yolk’ in the centre to symbolise the full moon.  The  Mango sorbet ‘egg yolk’ takes a little getting use to if you are not a fan of mixing milk base ice-cream with sorbet. The crispy praline gets a little soggy if you are taking too much of your time savouring the ice cream filling & try not to savour it over a glass of chinese tea like the traditional mooncakes.

The Häagen-Dazs ice cream mooncakes are available from now till 30th September 2012.

Gift vouchers for both the Classic and Petite Ice Cream Mooncake gift sets can also be bought at the Häagen-Dazs cafés as well as booths located at Takashimaya (No.32 from 30th August to 30th September), Vivocity (No.20 from 11th to 30th September) and Century Square (No.16 from 14th to 29th September).

Available in a 4-piece Classic Gift Set  ($68) or 2-piece Petite Gift Set ($48).

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