[Insight] Greenfields 100% Fresh Milk – Is Your Fresh Milk Really FRESH?

Here are Happy Cows from Greenfields Milk at Malang, Indonesia
Here are Happy Cows from Greenfields Milk at Malang, Indonesia


23 November 2012, Singapore – When it comes to milk, we usually ask for fresh milk.  In a recent trip with Greenfields 100% fresh milk to their farm in Malang Indonesia, it got me thinking what is Greenfields 100% Fresh Milk?  Does it mean the fresh milk on the shelves in the supermarkets are not 100% FRESH? Apparently, some of the fresh milk we buy off the shelves in Singapore are not considered fresh milk in other countries. More often than not, we do not really take note if the milk is fresh or how it is processed. We only know milk is just milk. So what have we been drinking? Does your milk carton indicate 100% Fresh Milk?

The trip to the farm was a real eye opener as we learnt about the insights of dairy production.  The trip made me more conscious of the description details on milk cartons. Here’s a summary on the keywords to look out for and what they mean?

  • Pasteurized – this is a common term for dairy products.   It means the process in eliminating harmful bacteria in milk and so that the milk can be kept longer. This process will remove some of the beneficial bacteria and enzymes, but this process is necessary as raw milk has a high chance to cause food poisoning
  • Double Pasteurized – it means removing more harmful bacteria in milk and so the milk can be kept much longer than single pasteurized milk. More beneficial bacteria and enzymes are lost too
  • Reconstituted Milk – these are milk made from powdered milk mixed with hot water
  • Recombined Milk – milk made by combining cream, butterfat, or milk fat and water with nonfat dry milk solids
  • Permeate – is a by-product of an ultra-filtration process which occurs in cheese making. Permeate consists mainly of lactose (milk sugar) and is naturally part of whole milk. Permeate is often added to milk at different times of the year to standardise protein and fat content. It has no known health risks



So what is Greenfields 100% Fresh Milk?

Greenfields 100% Fresh Milk
Greenfields 100% Fresh Milk

PT Greenfields Indonesia built its dairy farm in the highlands of Malang, Indonesia, so that the fresh milk can be delivered to stores in Asia in the shortest time after leaving the farm. The dairy farm is also the largest in South East Asia which is designed and developed with the finest expertise in dairy farming to accommodate more than 6,000 cattle in one location.

Greenfields ensures it is 100% fresh milk that is delivered from the FARM to your GLASS. Upon the collection of milk from the cattle, the milk only goes through a single pasteurized process, packaged and delivered out straight from the dairy farm. Greenfields Fresh Milk contains No preservatives, No additives, No hormones, No antibiotics, No milk powder and No permeate, so that is why it is 100% fresh.

And if you have not already known, Starbucks uses Greenfields milk.

Our milk are so fresh & tasty
My milk is so fresh & tasty. Yummy!


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  2. Hi! Im keen in trying Greenfields milk, where and how can I buy it?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pathma,

      If you are from Singapore, Greenfields Milk can be purchased from all major supermarkets island wide.


  3. Presently I’m getting milk from our local farm, which they claim its raw. But few times Ive experienced curdled milk when boiled. Disappointed, I switched to powdered milk which I dont really fansy.Now, I am keen to try Greenfields fresh milk, whch I hope is good.

    Please advise. Thank you.

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