2-piece Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika (McDonald's Singapore photo)

McDonald’s Launches Limited Time Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika on 30 March

Look out for the new McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika, Crisscut Fries and Calamansi McFizz from 30 March 2023 at 11am. These three items will be available for a limited time.

2-piece Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika (McDonald's Singapore photo)
<em><sup><kbd>2 piece Chicken McCrispy Sweet Paprika McDonalds Singapore photo<kbd><sup><em>

The Sweet Paprika iteration of the Chicken McCrispy is made with a special blend of paprika, garlic, red bell pepper and black pepper. The 2-piece McCrispy Sweet Paprika will be available at S$6.80 ala carte and from S$8.85 for an Extra Value Meal. It is also available in a 6-piece sharing bucket.

Criss Cut Fries (McDonald's Singapore photo)
<em><sup><kbd>Criss Cut Fries McDonalds Singapore photo<kbd><sup><em>

The Crisscut Fries makes a return. Get yours from S$4.40 for a medium portion and S$4.70 for a large portion. Upgrade your regular fries at just S$1. Shiok with some garlic chilli.

The Calamansi McFizz is from S$3.80 and offers a citrusy twist for a hot day. However, it tasted sweeter for us. An all-new Watermelon Twist Cone is priced from S$1.20.

All items are available after breakfast hours at 11am on weekdays, and 12pm on weekends for takeaway or dine-in at all restaurants, Drive-Thrus and via McDelivery, GrabFood and Foodpanda for a limited period only, while stocks last. 

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