McDonald’s Launches the All-New Chicken McCrispy Salt & Pepper for a limited time 

McDonald’s Singapore will be introducing the all-new Chicken McCrispy Salt & Pepper from 30 June 2022 for a limited-time only. We hear it is a much palatable version of the McSpicy which is too spicy for some.

McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy Salt & Pepper (2pc) comes with 1 chicken thigh and 1 drumstick, also available as part of a 2-piece Extra Value Meal. Or have this with your family and friends. The Chicken McCrispy Salt & Pepper (6pc) comes with 3 thighs and 3 drumsticks and is priced from S$16.30.

McDonald’s has also launched an all-new Grapefruit McFizz from S$3.20 or grab a Banana Pie from S$1.40.

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