24/7 Texas Chicken Outlets in Singapore - Satisfy Your Cravings Anytime!

24/7 Texas Chicken Outlets – Satisfy Your Fried Chicken Cravings Anytime

Texas Chicken outlets across Singapore except in NEX are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1 October 2023.

Texas Chicken breakfast is now served from 4 am till 11 am. The all-new breakfast menu features Chicken Ham & Egg Fluffy Bugrer, and the Chicken Sausage, Bacon & Egg Fluffy Burger.

Enjoy the Deluxe Breakfast Platter and Sunny Breakfast Platter for a heartier breakfast. The Delxue Breakfast Platter comes with lightly toasted muffin, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs while the Sunny Breakfast Platter comes with two pancakes alongside scrambled eggs, suasuage, and a fluffy bun.

Enjoy the Texas fresh-fried chicken marinated with a secret blend of spices and a carefully crafted batter with a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. There’re classic fried chicken, zesty wraps, hearty burgers or flavourful sides such as the all-time favourite Honey Butter Biscuit.

Order Texas Chicken via delivery on Foodpanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Texas Chicken’s app – Texas Chicken’s Singapore.

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