Texas Chicken 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken

Texas Chicken 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken

Texas Chicken brings the flavours of Thailand closer to home with the launch of their limited edition 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken that comes with Thai Milk Tea.

Every piece of fresh chicken has been marinated for hours and then coated in crunchy and flavourful Tom Yum Oat crumbs giving it a tangy coating with subtle spicy and sour flavours, reminiscent of Tom Yum.

Satisfy your Thai cravings with the 2-Piece 555 Tom Yum Oat Set Meal, priced from S$10.90, which comes with two pieces of chicken, one small mashed potato, one honey butter biscuit, and one regular velvety Cha-Ha-Ha Thai Milk Tea.

For those with bigger appetites, try the 5-Piece 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken Bundle, priced from S$28.90. The combo includes five pieces of chicken, a box of Tom Yum popcorn chicken, one large mashed potato, two honey butter biscuits, and two regular Cha-Ha-Ha Thai Milk Teas.

Larger groups can opt for the delivery-exclusive 8-Piece 555 Tom Yum Oat Bundle, starting at S$49.90. The bundle comes with eight pieces of chicken, two boxes of Tom Yum popcorn chicken, two large mashed potatoes, four honey butter biscuits and four regular Cha-Ha-Ha Thai Milk Teas.

Ddne-in a-la-carte options include:

  • 1 piece Ala Carte 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken From S$4.30
  • 1 box Ala Carte Tom Yum Oat Popcorn Chicken From S$4.80
  • 1 piece Ala Carte Honey Butter Biscuit From S$1.40

Delivery option is available via Foodpanda, Grabfood, Deliveroo and Texas Chicken’s mobile app Texas Chicken Singapore, available for download via App store and Google Play store.

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