Morton’s Steakhouse – An Indulgence of Steaks, Seafood And More

Morton's Steakhouse Singapore Mandarin Oriental


A meal at Morton’s Steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental may cost you around S$150 per person, but it will be a satisfying one with great food served in hearty portions. This All-American style steakhouse continues to serve up the best steaks for the past 16 years.

For first time visitors, starting from their appetizers the portions are big enough to serve as a complete meal for our Asian appetite. So to avoid over ordering, it will be wise to share your appetizers & side dishes and leave more room for the individual entrees.

For example the aged Prime Ribeye Steak from USDA selection is served in a 16oz (450gram) cut, easily twice the size of the steak that we get at regular restaurants. Cooked to perfection, the juicy & tender steak is irresistibly good and when the fat (we rather call it marbling) of the ribeye melts in your mouth, you would agree paying S$100 for this steak is all worth it.

Morton's Steakhouse Singapore Mandarin Oriental
Prime Ribeye Steak and the waitress introducing the different cuts prior your ordering
Morton's Steakhouse Singapore Mandarin Oriental
Tuna Tacos Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella


Morton’s has added a selection of new dishes to its classic menu, so non-beef diners can also join in the fun. Appertizers such as the proscuitto wrapped mozzarella or the tuna tacos as well as the chopped spinach salads are just some of the new starters available. For the entrees, there are the chicken bianco, shrimp scampi capellini or baked stuffed shrimp.

The Tuna Tacos (S$39) feature tacos filled with fresh raw tuna and served with a avocado, salsa and cream sauce as additional toppings. This dish has an Asian twist to it, where the taco is actually made from wanton skin and it is a delightful treat to start the dinner.

If you are not into raw fish, Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella (S$38) will be next best choice for you. The cured ham wrapped over mozzarella served on top of crunchy & fresh watercress is light and prepares your palate before your entree.

Morton's Steakhouse Singapore Mandarin Oriental
Mortons Signature Chocolate Lava Cake


To end off  dinner, you have to order Morton’s signature Chocolate Lava Cake(S$30) which has been crowned as one of the best in Singapore. The oozing chocolate lava will make you crave for more. If you are a dessert lover, the Chocolate Lava Cake may end up as the highlight for your dinner at Morton’s.

Morton’s Steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental is the destination for you to pamper yourself over a fabulous meal.

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