Nespresso Lattissima+ Comes With “One-Touch” Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima+

11 May 2012, Singapore – Nespresso launches their latest coffee machine Lattissima+ here in Singapore at S$688. Available in Ice Silver and Passion Red, this new machine comes with a new “one-touch” milk machine so that you can enjoy your coffee and milk in the fastest and most convenient way.

The Lattissima+ has an innovative and advanced steamer technology that creates the perfect quality of milk froth with the optimal temperature, thickness and density.

This new model has a faster heating system and can start up in less than a minute. Being more energy efficient, it comes with an auto power off feature.

With operational ergonomics in mind, the Lattissima+ offers easy access to the water tank as well as an easy way to handle the milk container. Furthermore, any cup size will fit the Lattissima+.

Technical Details

  • 25.3 cm (H) x 16.7 cm (L) x 31.9 cm (W)
  • Weighs around 4.7kg
  • 19-bar high pressure pump for preparing coffee and espresso, with a dedicated thermoblock for heating
  • Additional steamer for milk froth generation with advanced technology
  • 0.9L water tank
  • 0.35L milk container for two Latte Macchiato
  • Automatic and programmable power off switch (0W)
  • Milk froth volume regulator
  • Capsule container for 10 capsules
  • Descaling alert and descaling pipe to plug

The Lattissima+ will be available in Nespresso boutiques from 16 May 2012. Authorised dealers island wide will start selling the Lattissima+ from 23 May.

Naora Limited Edition 2012


Currently available in stores, the Naora Limited Edition 2012 is a Grand Cru of intensity 5 to be enjoyed as an Espresso (40 ml).  Harvested after a longer and strictly controlled ripening period, Naora coffee cherries develop singular aromatic notes.

Thanks to this late harvest, the sweet red-fruit notes characteristic of pure Colombian Arabicas evolve into complex hints of wild fruits.   The extended maturation period enable these coffee cherries to develop notes of blackcurrant and blueberry with a long-lasting flavour.


I picked up three sleeves of Naora on my own for S$37.00  at Visit for more information.

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