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Open Door Policy: Gluten-free Never Tasted This Good

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Open Door Policy is starting a revolution, straight from their rustic yet contemporary abode along Yong Siak street. Not only are they advocates of urban farming, as seen from the neat rows of micro greens and herbs within the dining area, but they are are one of Singapore’s only diary- and gluten-free restaurants. Taking over the kitchen from Chef Daniele Sperindo is Assistant Head Chef Freddy Ang, who, along with Executive Chef Ryan Clift, has created yet another enticing guilt-free menu of hearty soups, Asia-inspired mains and gorgeous desserts.


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Open Door Policy
Watercress soup with wolfberries sous vide egg and gluten free fried bread S$18 top and Vitel Tone with sous vide veal loin gluten free fried bread tuna mayo and pickled purple cabbage S$25 bottom

Healthy eating is a running theme, here. While their signature Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad (S$25) is still on the menu, save space for the Watercress Soup (S$18) and Warm Wasabi Green Pea Scallop Soup (S$25). Hiding within these creamy broths are nutritious servings of either wolf-berries or chia seeds, and served with gluten-free bread. The fried version, which is made of tapioca and potato flour, is perfect for dipping or enjoyed as a “taco” base for the Vitel Tone (S$25).




Open Door Policy
Sous vide Salmon with soup braised miso chili daikon chinese green cabbage and dill foam S$32

Moving on to the mains, it was obvious Chef Freddy Ang knows his way around his meats. From salmon, pork to veal, each dish presented a unique flavour profile, turning a meal here into an adventure. He prepares the Sous-vide Salmon (S$32) in a sweet miso broth, amped up with a hint of chili and dill, while the prefectly Pan-Seared Threadfin (S$32) is presented atop the tangy Thai mango salad.

Open Door Policy
Roasted Pork Rack with spicy pineapple saue purple sweet potatoes and baby kailan S$38
Open Door Policy
Pan seared Threadfin with thai mango salad cashew nuts and sakura shrimp S$32

The Roasted Pork Rack (S$38), marinated with five spice and served with a spicy pineapple sauce, hits closer to home with its familiar flavours. An unexpected pairing with the baked purple sweet potatoes and crunchy brocilini made this particular dish an addictive one.


Open Door Policy
Vegetable Tempura Risotto with pickled pink ginger okra baby carrot oyster mushroom and broccoli S$25
Open Door Policy
Spaghetti Alle Vongole with Italian parsley and Japanese white miso sauce S$28

Those who love the sweet yet earthy taste of white miso will love the Vegetable Tempura Risotto (S$25). Presented with a medley of tempura vegetables and mushrooms, what made the dish pop was the bits of pickled pink ginger. Not only does it cleanse your palate in between bites, but also enhances the sweet flavours of a white miso. Likewise, the rice-flour Spaghetti Alle Vongole (S$28) is served with the creamy white msio sauce, topped with a little heat and sweet white clams.




Open Door Policy
Calamansi Chocolate Tart S$16
Open Door Policy
Dairy free apple crumble with 8 spice oats flour extra virgin coconut oil and creme anglaise S$16

An after-meal treat is always a must at Open Door Policy. Pretty to look at and just as inviting on the palate. The ever-popular Dairy-free Apple Crumble (S$16) continues to win over crowds with its spiced apple chunks and earthy cashew nut milk creme anglais, but, the refreshing yet decadent Calamansi Chocolate Tart (S$16) is a worthy contender.

Open Door Policy is located at  19 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168650.
Tel: +65 6221 9307 Reservations:

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