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The Maverick Chef - Singapore Episode Co host Joanne Peh with Chef Alvin Leung

Singapore Episode Co host Joanne Peh with Chef Alvin Leung

11 November 2011, Singapore – Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung from Hong Kong reinvents popular local dishes across Asia in a 30-minute six-part series called The Maverick Chef.

The Maverick Chef will premiere on Li (Life Inspired), SingTel mio TV channel 22 at 9pm this Sunday 13 November 2011.  Subsequent episodes are shown on Sundays at 9pm Singapore/Hong Kong time.

The Maverick Chef - Alvin Leung

Alvin flies to a different Asian city in each episode to sample and learn more about the country’s iconic signature dishes handpicked by accompanying female celebrity hosts from each country.  The show will feature Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Taipei.  Alvin will then be tasked with deconstructing these dishes, breaking down to each ingredient’s bare building blocks.  At the end of each episode, Alvin will create a three-course meal, after which the original creators of these dishes will judge the reinventions.

More about Chef Alvin Leung

The Maverick Chef - Alvin Leung

Alvin does not personify your typical one-star Michelin chef. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the self taught chef’s blue-tinted hair and rocker tattoos.

Born in London and raised in Toronto, Alvin has an engineering degree.  He thinks like one – putting things together after tearing them apart.  A risk taker by nature, Alvin specialises in the art of Molecular Gastronomy and re-inventing food in general.

Alvin’s X-treme Chinese cuisine has broken down long held preconceptions of what Chinese food should look and taste like and he has single-handedly created new taste sensations which give diners a unique experience every time they visit Bo Innovation.

About the Singapore Episode

For the Singapore episode, Joanne Peh co-hosts the show and introduces Alvin to kaya toast, Katong Laksa, Chatterbox Chicken Rice, and No Signboard Chili Crab.

Beautiful Women As Co-Hosts

The other co-hosts featured include Bernice Liu from Hong Kong, Fritra Sechan from Indonesia, Paula Malai Ali from Malaysia, Crystal Li from Taiwan and Cindy Burbridge from Thailand.

The Maverick Chef is co-produced by Life Inspired and Ochre Pictures, with the support of Media Development Authority of Singapore.

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