Majestic Bay's signature Flamebeed Kopi Sauce Crab

REVIEW: Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Gardens By The Bay

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant


14 February 2013, Singapore – Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant by Chef Yong Bing Ngen serves up a feast of mouthwatering seafood creations inspired by cultures in Asia. From Seafood Baked Rice inspired by a Portuguese dish from Macau to the signature Kopi Sauce Crab that Chef Yong created to tribute Singaporean’s love for coffee, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant  satisfies your seafood cravings with Chef Yong’s very own unique twist.

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
Seafood Baked Rice Flamebeed Kopi Sauce Crab Sauteed Water Spinach with Bamboo Clams and Sambal Chilli Sauce


The Seafood Baked Rice at S$68 serves 4 to 6 people and is generously filled with baby abalone, scallops, mussels and prawns topped with spiced cream sauce baked under a layer of mozzarella cheese. This dish may be a missed if you are not a lover for curry flavoured rice, but the pairing of the spices compliments the sweet & freshness of the seafood. The Sauteed Water Spinach with Sambal Chilli Sauce now paired with the sweetness of Bamboo Clams brings this classic local dish to a whole new level of indulgence. If you have a sweet tooth, Majestic Bay’s Flambeed Kopi Sauce Crab with its fragrant and caramelized sauce will differ from the traditionally savoury & spicy crab dishes in Singapore.  If only the meat within the shell is soaked in the sauce, then this dish would have been perfect.

Majestic Bay's signature Flamebeed Kopi Sauce Crab
Majestic Bays signature Flamebeed Kopi Sauce Crab


If you prefer to stick to the traditional Chinese dishes, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant also has a few tricks up their sleeves. Their soup of the day from only S$18 a pot, is simmered under low heat in claypots for hours, achieving that perfect soft texture on its ingredients while the soup devours the goodness from the ingredients. Live seafood from the tank can be ordered at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurants with a good selection that includes Jelawat (aka Su Dan/ Sultan fish), Tengalan from Sarawak, Fresh Lobsters, geoduck, live abalone and many more.

Teowchew style steamed Su Dan fish with rice broth
Teowchew style steamed Su Dan fish with rice broth
Soup of the Day - Lotus Root Soup
Soup of the Day Lotus Root Soup


The overall dining experience at Majestic Bay Restaurant was cozy and pleasant very polite and attentive staff.   The restaurant offers a wonderful selection of mouthwatering cuisine with a price range from affordable to relatively expensive depending on what you order.   The steamed Su Dan fish we had was about S$200 at 1.2kg, so if you are tight on budget, avoid live seafood but that would defeat the purpose of visiting Majestic Bay Restaurant.

Getting there – we would recommend car pooling as taxis are hard to get even if you try booking for one at Gardens By The Bay.


Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Flower Dome, #01-10 Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, +65 6604 6604,


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